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Gravity Chopsticks: The Hygienic Chopstick

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Gravity Chopsticks: The Hygienic Chopstick

Let's face it, there are alot of cool design chopsticks on the market but how many boast both style and hygiene credentials?

That's exactly what got designer Dang Tran and family inspired to design their 'new generation' of USA made 'gravity chopsticks'.

An inspired dual design solution the gravity chopsticks use their own centre of gravity to automatically elevate the eating tips above the table’s surface when they're laid down. Meaning you eliminate the need for chopstick rests and clean freaks can be sure no table contact is made between courses.

Gravity chopsticks come in both walnut and maple with a lightning silver base for $24. They also have a handy velvet carry case so you can easily slip them into your bag for a 'hygienic' desktop chow down.


The chopsticks have already reached their funding target on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter so we expect to see them marketed soon.

If you have yet to master eating with chopsticks, here's a simple video tutorial.

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