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In Search of the World's Oldest Apple Tree

17 December, 2016
The secret soul of Kazakhstan

Photo Simone Donati

We can see from some of the photographs that you were accompanied during your journey. Who were your guides?
We were accompanied by forest rangers who showed us the wild apple trees around Tekeli, roughly a 4-hour journey away from Almaty.

What impressed you most during your travels?
Without a doubt the beautiful landscapes of Kazakhstan, rich in color and nuances. I was also very “taken” by the sight of some of the interiors I visited, decorated in a most unusual and interesting style.

Did you get the chance to visit any other places in Kazakhstan?
Unfortunately not. This being a work commissioned by the Italian weekly magazine L’Espresso, we were totally focused on the story we had to write and the few days spent on site were not sufficient to fit in trips to other places.

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