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Cook Like Cagali: Recipes from London’s Elis Restaurant

22 November, 2022
Chef Rafael Cagali in the kitchen.

Justin De Souza 

The dishes include the likes of pecorino churros and Arctic char crudo with tucupi dressing, the recipes for which you’ll find in this article, as well as porchetta tonnata, pastas, and Iberico pork with black beans and chimichurri, “which reminds me a lot of eating feijoada on a Saturday with my family,” he says.

Heading up the kitchen is Joe Holness, formerly a member of the Da Terra team.

“He is an incredibly talented and hardworking chef, he has an understanding and passion for the inspiration and philosophy of Elis, so he was a natural choice for the position,” says Cagali.

Cagali considers both Brazilian and Italian cultures as part of his identity, which continually inspires his creativity. “Brazil has such a complex history, there is a diverse range of influences and cultures that make Brazilian culture what it is. The Italian side of my background really focuses on the simplicity of enjoyment in good comforting flavour and showing love through cooking.”

There is one thing they have in common though. “I think both cultures love to make people happy through food,” he says.


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