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Life Framer Award, a Year in Shots

15 April, 2017
©Alfonso S. Suárez

Photo Alfonso S. Suárez

For the third edition now in course, the panel of judges was composed of Patrick Di Nola, founder of Verbatim Agency, Katherine Oktober Matthews, Editor in Chief of GUP Magazine, Steve Macleod, art director of Metro Imaging, Brian Paul Clamp, director of the Clamp Art gallery, Evgeny Tchebotarev, founder of the 500px online photography community and photographers Mona Kuhn, Bruce Gilden, Zed Nelson, Olivia Arthur, Lorenzo Vitturi, Ed Kashi and David Stewart.

With you in mind, we have selected some of the food-related images - food habits, ingredients, nutrition, etc. - which won this year’s edition, extracted from the following categories: A World of Cultures, Street Life, Six Continents, Still Life and Urban Life. Enjoy the gallery!

Modern Shepherd ©Maurice Mbikayi

Food Inspired Images from the Mia Photo Fair

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