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The Inspirational Dishes of Quique Dacosta

05 January, 2019
Quique Dacosta's dishes

Photo Pelut i Pelat

Quique Dacosta
Quique Dacosta: Denia

Can you describe the Almond Nougat dish in full?

It is a dish created from a specific moment of nature itself. It is the moment in which the almond blossom falls to give way to the fruit: the Marcona almond. Our goal when creating this dish was to represent this moment, maintaining the commitment to the cultivation of almonds, looking for the deseasonalisation of a preparation such as nougat, and reinforcing our commitment to the turroneros. At the same time, it is impossible to include nougat in savoury cooking because of its fragility. Regarding the Mediterranean, we claimed the duck shrimp, just as we reclaimed the Dénia red shrimp, a little-known ingredient of great value to me that recalls the Lonja de Denia.

Are you working on any other dishes currently? 

White Asparagus Lace - We value the flavour of white asparagus, to which I feel very close, because of my family closeness to the cultivation of this it in Extremadura. With it make a dish of extreme fragility and beauty. The act is similar to eating a traditional paper lace but in this case with white asparagus and cream cheese, it is unctuous. We create roles with edible forms of crunchy flavour. A technique that allows us to domesticate the forms of edible paper and inside the cup we make a kind of white asparagus tea.


THE ANNIMATED FOREST (Bosque animado) - Photo by Pelut i Pelat



ALMOND NOUGAT (Turrón de almendro) - Photo by Pelut i Pelat



SENIA RICE IN EEL BROTH WITH CHERRY PEARLS AND ROSEMARY FLOWERS (Arroz senia con fondo de anguila y cerezas) - Photo by Carlos Rondón



RARE FLOWERS (Flores raras - Cenital) - Photo by Pelut i Pelat



ASHES RICE (Arroz cenizas) - Photo by Pelut i Pelat



THE SALAZONES CART Carro de salazones


Rodaja de tomate seco by Quique Dacosta

SLICE OF DRIED TOMATO (Rodaja de tomate seco)

Rosa by Quique Dacosta

THE ROSE (Rosa)  - Photo by Sergio Coimbra



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