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The Inspirational dishes of Albert Adrià

11 May, 2019
Albert Adrià's dishes

Photo Moisés Torné

albert adria inspirational dishes
Albert Adrià: elBarri

Can you describe one of these dishes in full to our readers?
I like to remember the Robuchon cake, a dish that we created for a special dinner to honour Joël Robuchon a few years ago with Dani García.

We had a hard time to make a dry meringue with so many shapes, flavours, colours and layers to work out. At the end the dish was a great success, tasteful and looked beautiful. And now that the chef is no longer with us, this dish has become even more special for me.

Are you working on any other dishes currently? Can you share something about it with our readers?
At the moment we are re-opening Pakta that has served Peruvian Nikkei for the last 5 years, and now we have transformed into a Mediterranean Nikkei. We are exploring the dialogue between these two cuisines. For example, we are working in a dish called Sea "lard" that is a piece of fish that is cured with herbs and salt as if the Italian traditional pork lard, and served in very thin slices with olive oil.


Broad bean encremada by Hoja Santa / Photo by Moisés Torné


Green peas in passionfruit by Ticketsbar / Photo by Moisés Torné


Robuchon cake by Cakes & Bubbles / Photo by Moisés Torné


Coulomiers cheese cake by Cakes & Bubbles / Photo by Tristán Steward


Fruit ceviche by Hoja Santa / Photo by Moisés Torné


Foie gras cured in anchovy salt by Enigma / Photo by Tristán Steward


Funghi cloud by Enigma / Photo by Moisés Torné


Nori cube with seaweed by Enigma / Photo by Moisés Torné


Snowcrab and avocado ravioli by Ticketsbar / Photo by Moisés Torné


Sea lard by Pakta / Photo by Tristán Steward


Basil air-waffle by Ticketsbar / Photo by Moisés Torné


Onion flower by Ticketsbar / Photo by Moisés Torn

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