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Would you Eat Bread Made from Crickets?

18 February, 2020
Bakery bread

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But if munching down on creepy-crawlies still scares you, there are other ways to ease yourself into a regular bug routine. Enter cricket flour

Cricket flour is made from crickets that are dried out, and ground into a fine powder. The resulting powder bears no resemblance to its crawly source and makes it a highly versatile ingredient that can be added to smoothies, soups, or mixed with regular flour to make bread, and all sorts of baked goods. 

To make cricket flour bread, it is recommended to replace up to a quarter of the original flour quantity in the recipe. When mixed into a recipe, cricket flour lends a nutty flavour to the resulting product, plus gives it a protein boost, thanks to the powder's high protein content (about 62g per 100g of product). Cricket powder is also high in fibre, vitamin B12 and is a good source of iron and calcium

Some other ideas on how to use cricket powder

Cricket pizza: replace a quarter to a third of the flour in your pizza dough recipe for a high-protein pizza with extra crunch factor

Cricket banana bread: banana bread goes well with nutty flavours; replace a portion of the flour in a banana bread recipe to give it complexity and also a protein boost

Cricket pancakes: use cricket powder to turn your regular breakfast pancakes into a superfood.


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