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Japanese Food

Looking for a typical and tasty Japanese dish? Try this winter seafood soup from Japan with squid, ginger and tuna. Discover the full recipe.
Japanese sauces
FDL+ The Japanese Sauces You Need to Know
Here's a round-up of the principle sauces from Japanese cuisine, and how to use them. Take a look.
The Best Bento Boxes in LA
Colourful, tidy and tasty, bento boxes are enjoying a moment in LA. Paul Feinstein goes in search of the city's best.
Japanese stew
Recipe Round-Up: Take a Trip to Japan
Fancy turning Japanese this weekend? Here's a round-up of some of our favourite Japanese recipes to make at home. Take a look.
The Best Ramen in Seattle
The west coast of the United States is teeming with Asian immigrants who first arrived during the California Gold rush in the 1850s
Japanese Milk Bread
How to Make Japanese Milk Bread
Japanese Milk Bread is a white, soft, fluffy loaf that is perfect as your daily bread. Here's how to make Japanese Milk Bread at home.
Here’s how to prepare a perfect tempura, the Japanese method for frying vegetables.
Matsutake mushroom most expensive stockfood
What are Matsutake Mushrooms and why are they More Precious Than Gold?
Matsutake mushrooms are the most expensive mushrooms in the world. Highly-prized in Japan, the depletion of their natural habitat red pines means their supply is dwindling, and their price is rising.
Discover Natto: Japan's Secret Soybean Superfood
Natto is one of Japan's hottest fermented superfoods. It can be an acquired taste that’s often best paired with other flavours, but natto is extremely nutritious and easy to make.