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Food Society
Food for Soul Mexico
Massimo Bottura's Food for Soul Wins Design Award
Food for Soul, the non-profit founded by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore, has been awarded a Compasso d'Oro design award.
Refettorio Lima at Casa de Todos
Massimo Bottura's Food for Soul Opens in Lima
Food for Soul is opening its 9th Refettorio in Lima this month, a community kitchen to help fight food waste and social isolation in Peru's capital. Find out more.
Jared Howard
Jared Howard: Bringing the Taste of Maryland to the Big Apple
Jared Howard of Honey Bunny's Chicken will take over Maison Yaki in Brooklyn for a two-week pop-up that will share with the community where he is coming from, literally and figuratively.
Lani Halliday Maison Yaki
Lani Halliday: Baking Outside The Lines
Meet Lani Halliday, a baker from Brooklyn who champions the idea of inclusive cuisine. She will take over Maison Yaki in Brooklyn for two weeks with a concept she calls "baking outside the lines".
Queer Colleagues Restaurants
21 Things Your Queer Colleague Wants You to Know (20 Would be Way Too Straight!)
Pride Month is as good a time as any to think about how you can help your queer colleagues in restaurants. This handy guide is one no restuarant professional should be without.
Post-Lockdown Diner's Diary
Diary of a Restaurant Returner
Lockdown is lifted in Milan, and restaurants are reopening. Our intrepid diner tried seven restaurants in seven days, and kept a journal.
Sirio Maccioni
Sirio Maccioni, owner of iconic Le Cirque, has passed away
Owner and Maitre d of the iconic restaurant Le Cirque has passed away at the age of 88.
Restaurants lockdown due to coronavirus
Can Insurance be made to cover the cost of Coronavirus?
With the insurance industry reluctant to cover the costs of coronavirus for restaurants how will it all playout?
Restaurants closed
James Beard Foundation Survey Reveals US Restaurant Industry will Need $92 Billion
The James Beard Foundation has released the results of an online survey providing a snapshot of the impact of coronavirus on the restaurant industry.
White House
Chef Writes Letter to The U.S President: "This Industry Needs Help"
Chef Paul Sorgule pens an open letter to the President of the United States urging him to act to save the restaurant industry.
How restaurants are responding
Restaurants Around The World Respond to Coronavirus
Chefs and restaurants around the world are taking action in a diverse number of ways to ensure they protect the health and welfare of their staff and customers as well as their business during the coronavirus outbreak. Find out how.
Da Giacomo Milano
Italian Restaurants Activate Unique Food Delivery Services in Wake of Coronavirus
As a new decree-law closes all bars and restaurants across Italy, fine dining is coming to the people via new home delivery services. Find out who.
Restaurant Rech
Alain Ducasse Chooses to Close His Hong Kong Rech
Alain Ducasse's Michelin Star restaurant, Rech, has closed its doors permanently.
Dominique Crenn
Dominique Crenn is Recruiting!
Are you talented chef with vision with a sense of leadership? Then you might have what it takes to sign up with the US's best female chef: discover how to apply
indian food
“We don't need Michelin Guide in India" - Gaggan Anand On Board for New Rival Guide
With no Michelin Guide in India, Culinary Culture is a new platform that plans to replicate the star ranking for restaurants on the subcontinent.
Chef Christian Puglisi
Copenhagen Chef Slams Michelin Guide's Green Clover as "Greenwashing"
Copenhagen based Michelin star chef Christian Puglisi slams the Michelin Guide's new sustainability rating the green clover as "greenwashing".
San Francisco
Opposition Builds to Ghost Kitchens
A special meeting by the Small Business Committee in San Francisco heard complaints from traditional restaurant owners about food delivery services and 'ghost kitchens'.
Le Cordon Bleu to launch 'Click-and-Collect' Service for New London Hub
French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu is to launch CORD, a hub with an in house app to order and state a time for collection in addition to a 90-seat dining space
Wine cellar
Thieves Raid Michelin-Star Restaurant's Wine Cellar in Copenhagen
A Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen had its wine cellar raided by thieves, who made off with over €200,000 of rare vintage wine.
Daniel Humm
Daniel Humm on The EMP Split
Daniel Humm explains why he had to go it alone in an interview with Vanity Fair: " Over the last few years, our visions around how we wanted to run the restaurants were no longer aligned"
How to Make Your Restaurant Go Viral
From neon signs to funky wallpaper and colorful floor tiles here are some tips for how to make a restaurant go viral on Instagram.
Marc Veyrat
Marc Veyrat Calls an End to Cheddar Gate War with Michelin Guide
French chef Marc Veyrat has called an end to his year-long media war and legal battle with the Michelin Guide dubbed 'Chedddar Gate' by the world's media.
Kids menu
Restaurant Reminds Reviewer The Kid Menu is For Kids
An Irish restaurant responds to scathing review on TripAdvisor with a respectful, humourous reply.
From Catch to Restaurant in Six Hours
Pesky Fish is a new marketplace platform that uses live data to connect British fishermen directly with chefs, allowing for the day's catch to arrive at the restaurant in as little as six hours.
Municipal Marketplace
Food Hall Led by Females to Debut in San Francisco
Non-profit, women and immigrant-focused kitchen incubator La Cocina will open the country's first women-led food hall in the Mission District in spring.
Phone City
Tok Time Makes Booking a Table like Browsing Netflix
Tok Time wants to make choosing and booking a restaurant the same as browsing for entertainment on Netflix
Sean Brock
Sean Brock Launches 'Airbnb' for Chefs
Chef Sean Brock has launched Sidegig an 'Airbnb' for chefs which helps restaurants to fill staff shortages.
“Ladies Steak” Causes a Stir on Twitter
A Liverpool restaurant listing a "8oz ladies fillet" on the menu has generated mockery amongst twitter users.
Chef sports stars
From Sport Stars to Michelin Stars
Vigilio Martinez, Daniel Humm and Ana Roš are just a few of the world's best chefs who transitioned from the sports field to a professional kitchen. What does it take and can you guess which sports?
Marc Veyrat
Chef Bans Michelin Inspectors from His New Paris Restaurant
The chef at the heart of the 'Cheddar Gate' scandal has opened a new restaurant in Paris and Michelin inspectors are not welcome.
Daniel Giusti at Food on the Edge
Daniel Giusti: "The change has to start in schools"
Chef Daniel Giusti talks at Food On The Edge 2019 in Galway, Ireland, about how he walked away from his job as Head Chef at Noma in order to cook school lunches.
MAD Academy
Book a Training Spot at Rene Redzepi's New MAD Academy
Rene Redzepi's new training academy in Copenhagen is inviting hospitality professionals to attend two forthcoming free courses! Find out more.
Scabby and Salt Bae
Salt Bae’s NYC Restaurant Picketed by a Giant Salt-Sprinkling Rat
Scabby, a giant inflatable rat paid a visit to Salt Bae's restaurant in NYC to highlight the use of non-union labour in the construction of his second New York restaurant.
Tongue Kiss Alchemist
Freak your date out this Valentine’s with a Tongue Kiss at Alchemist
This dish at Alchemist in Copenhagen is served on a 'disconcertingly realistic' fake human tongue. Sexy.
Sean Brock
Sean Brock Just Posted the Dream Job for All Chefs
If you are an exhausted chef you might want to consider working at Audrey, where Sean Brock is building not just his flagship Nashville restaurant, but an innovative chef-welfare centre to go with it.
Kei Kobayashi
Japanese Chefs Shaking up French Fine Dining
A growing number of Japanese chefs are making their mark on the French fine dining scene, creating a new borderless style of cooking fusing the skills of two of the world's giants of gastronomy to create something entirely new.
Ridiculous customer orders
19 Ridiculous Food Orders
Just when you thought you'd hear them all! It seems there's no end to the weird requests waiting staff and chefs get everyday. Here's a selection of some of the most ridiculous we've seen yet.
Yannick Alleno
Three-Star Chef in Paris Seeks Recruits
Yannick Alleno is seeking Chef de commis for all three of his Michelin starred restaurants at Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris. Here's how to apply.
The Pie Room
A Michelin Star Pie For Just £8
The Pie Room Guest Series brings some of the UK's leading chefs to The Pie Room to create pies for a good cause.
Cristina Bowerman
Italian Chefs Turn to Psychologists to Explore Workplace Stress
Italian chefs have partnered with an association of psychologists to understand the workplace stress suffered by chefs and others in the hospitality industry.
Pim Techamuanvivit
Michelin Chef to Sue Over Fake Seamless and Grubhub Accounts
Thai chef Pim Techamuanvivit's tweet about a fake account for her restaurant Kin Khao on Grubhub went viral.
The Queen
The Queen is Looking for a Classically Trained, Travelling Sous Chef
The Queen is looking for a classically trained sous chef who can work between Buckingham and Balmoral Palace.
Claude Bosi
French Chef Claude Bosi Denied Residence in UK
Claude Bosi, a French-born chef who has lived in the UK for 23 years, has been denied residence.
Restaurant reservation not refunded
Michelin restaurant refuses to refund £660 after family's dad dies
When a guest's father passed away the day the party was due to dine at the Fordwich Arms, the restaurant refused to refund the £660 prepayment.
Franco Pepe
Kiwi on pizza: Italy's best pizza maker says "why not?"
With an image of kiwi on pizza dividing the Internet this week, we asked Italy's best pizza chef Franco Pepe for the definitive opinion.
Eddie Huang CRS campaign
Why "Chinese restaurant syndrome" is BS!
MSG has been negatively associated with Chinese food for too long. Eddie Huang is on a campaign to correct this inherent racism, starting with the dictionary's definition of "Chinese restaurant syndrome".
Magnus Nilsson
Magnus Nilsson steps up as director of MAD Academy
The Swedish chef embarks on his next adventure, stepping out of the kitchen and into a dream role at the MAD Academy.
Salt Bae's golden steak
No pay for Bae: Cops called over $5k gold steak bill
A Florida man refused to pay for a gold-plated steak at Nusr-Et, which he says he didn't order, staff call the cops.
Chef Marc Veyrat
End-game for Cheddar Gate
The famous Cheddar Gate case involving Marc Veyrat and the Michelin Guide was resolved on the last day of 2019.
Fireworks in Budapest | The year in bites 2019
The year in bites 2019
Take a look at the biggest industry news from the last 12 months, from the winners to the movers and shakers of the chef and restaurant world.
Historical characters' favourite dishes
What was the favourite food of famous folk?
Do you think you can tell a lot about a person by the food he or she like? Take the challenge to guess which were the favourite dishes of these historical characters. Are you ready to be surprised?
Founding Farmers's dish
This is the most popular restaurant in the US according to OpenTable
OpenTable says that the Founding Farmers restaurant in Washington DC is the nation's most popular.
Chef at work
Fine Dining Lovers now available on Gronda
The largest digital network for recruiting in gastronomy and hospitality, Gronda, in Europe is going to host a section dedicated to the main topics discussed on Fine Dining Lovers!
Marc Veryat vs. Michelin Guides
First shots fired as 'Cheddargate' goes to the courts
The 'cheddargate case' between chef Marc Veyrat and the Michelin Guide reaches French courts.
Chef orders
40 of the most ridiculous chef orders and complaints
We asked, you delivered! We share a selection of the Fine Dine Lovers chef community's most hilarious, frustrating and downright daft food orders and complaints.
Seoul chef sues Michelin for including his restaurant in 2020 Guide
A Seoul chef is suing the Michelin Guide for the inclusion of his restaurant Ristorante Eo in the 2020 guide when he asked them not to.
Chef Dani García
Dani García is ready to say goodbye
One year after the announcement of the closing of its three-Michelin restaurant in Andalusia, the Spanish chef is poised to take over the food scene with new projects.
Greenhouse restaurant - Photo by kayleigh harrington on Unsplash
Sustainability and the restaurant of the future 2030
‘Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future’ report highlights how sustainability will impact every aspect of the industry.
Dubrovnik mulls five-year ban on new restaurants
The Croatian city proposing a five-year ban on new restaurants because of the struggling with over-tourism of late, brought about mainly due to the town’s location as ‘King’s Landing’ in the popular HBO television series Game of Thrones.
Chefs cooking in a professional kitchen
Are you an aspiring chef? Here's your chance to stage at Mirazur, Leo and The Test Kitchen
Applications are open today for the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship which will allow one recipient a life-changing opportunity of three six-week stages in the Mirazur, Leo and The Test Kitchen.
Foie gras
Foie gras backlash forces chef to backtrack
Chef forced to pull controversial ingredient from menu before the restaurant even opens.
Favela in Brazil
Flavours from the favelas: a new 'Periphery Cuisine' in São Paulo
Chef Edson Leite mines the flavours of the favelas in São Paulo and is training hundreds of young chefs to empower them to find a way out of the periphery.
The life of a Michelin inspector
What’s it like to be a Michelin inspector?
The Michelin Guide has published an account of a day in the life of a Michelin Inspector
Marc Veyrat
Cheddar-Gate: Marc Veyrat sues Michelin Guide
French chef Marc Veyrat is to sue the Michelin Guide over cheddar cheese mix up
Stinky Durian Mistaken for Gas Leak, Prompts Mass Evacuation
Stinky Durian Mistaken for Gas Leak, Prompts Mass Evacuation
Students and staff at a library in Australia were evacuated due to a reported gas leak, the smell discovered later to be that of a rogue durian fruit.
Who Eats The Most Ice Cream in America
Who Eats The Most Ice Cream in America?
Which city consumes the most ice cream in America? This nifty infographic from Visually gives you the lowdown on who screams the loudest for ice cream.
How to Protect a Recipe
Copyright, Trademark, Patent: How to Protect a Recipe
For a chef, a recipe can be personal and unique: but is it intellectual property? FDL contacted some experts to find out the ways a recipe can be protected.
Jamie Oliver
12 of The Richest Chefs in The World
The Richest have published a list of the 12 richest chefs in the world at the moment with Jamie Oliver taking the top spot. See them all.
The Cheese Grating Business Card
A look at a range of business cards that also double as cheese graters - created by the ad agency JWT for the Brazilian cheese shop Bon Vivant.
Juice Cartons Made From Fruit
Food Advertising strikes again with these juice cartons made from fruit, that's fruits forced to grow in the shape of a carton, strange but true