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famous chefs
Famous Chefs

What about famous chefs? Don't miss the opportunity to know who they are and how they get famous: you'll be surely inspired from their stories and recipes. If you watch BBC, it’s pretty likely you have come across famous chef Heston Blumenthal. The self-taught chef is known for inventing at his restaurant The Fat Duck, outside London, a new set of cooking rules.

And René Redzepi? The Danish-Albanian chose his career as a chef almost by chance, starting at El Bulli, and is now the famous chef of Noma, in Copenhagen, considered world's best restaurant according to World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Rene Redzepi, Heston Blumenthal, but also Grant Achatz, Massimo Bottura, Juan Mari and Elena Arzak are some examples of the lucky great chefs that have been dragged out of obscurity or industry-limited interest, to fame and worldwide mass success, writing books, owning restaurants and cooking schools. On Fine Dining Lovers you could find a precious collection of stories, blog posts, videos, pictures and recipes of these and other famous chefs.

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Massimo Bottura in his kitchen
Kitchen Quarantine: Massimo Bottura and Family's Cooking Show
Creativity runs in Bottura's family and in his DNA.
Enrico Bartolini and Team
Milan Keeps on Cooking as over 40 Italian Chefs Share Video Recipes Online
Italian chefs and pizza makers launch a campaign to keep cooking alive in the city of Milan sharing video recipes online as their restaurants and pizzerias are forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic.
Da Giacomo Milano
Italian Restaurants Activate Unique Food Delivery Services in Wake of Coronavirus
As a new decree-law closes all bars and restaurants across Italy, fine dining is coming to the people via new home delivery services. Find out who.
Chef Mauro Colagreco foraging
Mauro Colagreco: "I don't like being feared in the kitchen. I prefer to feel loved”
The three Michelin starred chef from Mirazur opens up about how success has changed him for the better as a chef and as a man, in a candid interview.
Restaurants closed
United by a Sense of Responsibility: Why Italian Chefs are Choosing to Close
Italian chefs are taking extraordinary measures to respect and protect their staff and customers amid the coronavirus outbreak. Find out more.
Chef Wolfgang Puck
And the Oscar goes to... Wolfgang Puck. Again.
The legendary chef has been managing the menu for the Academy Award's party since 1995: how does a chef get such a prestigious gift.
Chef sports stars
From Sport Stars to Michelin Stars
Vigilio Martinez, Daniel Humm and Ana Roš are just a few of the world's best chefs who transitioned from the sports field to a professional kitchen. What does it take and can you guess which sports?
Sean Brock
Sean Brock Just Posted the Dream Job for All Chefs
If you are an exhausted chef you might want to consider working at Audrey, where Sean Brock is building not just his flagship Nashville restaurant, but an innovative chef-welfare centre to go with it.
Claude Bosi
French Chef Claude Bosi Denied Residence in UK
Claude Bosi, a French-born chef who has lived in the UK for 23 years, has been denied residence.
Types of line cook
Pirate, perfectionist or paranoid: what type of chef are you?
From the veteran to the angry chef, which one are you and how many have you worked with? US chef Paul Sorgule defines the ten most common types of cook found in professional kitchens.
Sean Brock
Sean Brock to head new Grand Hyatt restaurant in Nashville
James Beard award-winning chef Sean Brock will head the new restaurant at Nashville's Grand Hyatt hotel.
Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain’s final book to be released this year
Anthony Bourdain’s final book World Travel: 'An Irrelverant Guide', is completed and will be released in October 2020.