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famous chefs

Famous Chefs

What about famous chefs? Don't miss the opportunity to know who they are and how they get famous: you'll be surely inspired from their stories and recipes. If you watch BBC, it’s pretty likely you have come across famous chef Heston Blumenthal. The self-taught chef is known for inventing at his restaurant The Fat Duck, outside London, a new set of cooking rules.

And René Redzepi? The Danish-Albanian chose his career as a chef almost by chance, starting at El Bulli, and is now the famous chef of Noma, in Copenhagen, considered world's best restaurant according to World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Rene Redzepi, Heston Blumenthal, but also Grant Achatz, Massimo Bottura, Juan Mari and Elena Arzak are some examples of the lucky great chefs that have been dragged out of obscurity or industry-limited interest, to fame and worldwide mass success, writing books, owning restaurants and cooking schools. On Fine Dining Lovers you could find a precious collection of stories, blog posts, videos, pictures and recipes of these and other famous chefs.

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Chef Daniel Berlin.
Daniel Berlin is back
At the height of his career, Swedish chef Daniel Berlin folded his two-star restaurant. Now, three years later he’s back with one of the Nordic countries’ most anticipated openings. Anna Norström takes an exclusive first look.
Chef Laurent Dagenais.
Laurent Dagenais keeps the cooking real (and the people love him for it)
Meet the social media star chef from Quebec who’s adored by millions of followers for his accessible recipes (and the odd swig from a wine bottle).
Oscar statuette illustration
Wolfgang Puck's Oscars afterparty menu revealed
Chef Wolfgang Puck has designed an extensive menu for the Oscars afterparty in his 29th year catering for the biggest night in Hollywood, with some British influence this year from chef Elliott Grover.
Chef Daniel Calvert.
Daniel Calvert: ‘Tokyo is the Champions League of restaurants’
The English chef on swapping Hong Kong for Tokyo and why you won’t find him cooking back in the UK anytime soon.
Chef Guy Savoy.
Guy Savoy loses third star
French chef Guy Savoy's three-star restaurant in Paris has been demoted ahead of the Michelin Guide to France 2023.
Chef Fatmata Binta.
In Ghana chef Binta sows the seeds of change
Chef Fatmata Binta, the winner of the Basque Culinary World Prize 2022, works with rural communities to help change how we think about food and to promote the use of fonio, Africa’s oldest cultivated grain.
Enrico Derflingher
The Royal Family's Italian Chef, and the Lemon Cream that Won Over Charles III
Discover the memories of Enrico Derflingher, the only Italian chef to have served at the court of the English crown, and his recipe for lemon cream that won over King Charles III.
A portrait of The Queen
Chefs Pay Tribute to The Queen
Chefs have paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, following her death at Balmoral.
A black and white photo of a male chef pointing.
Brock Is Back
With new restaurants and a new ethos, chef Sean Brock, credited with helping to revive Southern American cuisine, is back to his best.