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a line up of different cocktails on a bar top
Tales of the Cocktails 2022
Tales of the Cocktail, one of the drinks industry's leading conferences, returns to celebrate its 20th anniversary in New Orleans, from 25 – 29 July
A unique and refreshing drink made with amaretto liqueur: discover the original recipe for amaretto sour cocktail, by Fine Dining Lovers.
Gin fizz is one of the most famous gin-based cocktails.
Cointreau cocktail Singapore Sling
The 10 Best Cocktails With Cointreau
Looking for orange-flavoured cocktails that will delight you and your friends? Discover our guide to the best 10 cocktails with Cointreau.
Gin, lemon juice and club soda are the simple ingredients mixed to make a refreshing Tom Collins cocktail. Discover the recipe.  
Sex On The Beach is an alcoholic and very sweet drink, with vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice: discover the recipe.
bourbon cocktails - Finedininglovers
The 10 Best Bourbon Drinks Recipes
Bourbon is the main ingredient of many classic cocktails, from boulevardier to old fashioned. Discover the 10 best bourbon drinks to make.
Christmas cocktail
Your Christmas Cocktail Round-Up
Try these easy step-by-step recipes for classic Christmas cocktails, brought to you by Fine Dining Lovers. Take a look.
Low proof cocktails
Delicious Low-Alcohol Cocktails for New Year
Try these low-alcohol cocktails for a New Year, from the LOWjito to the MoscLOW Mule, they're packed full of flavour with a little less punch.
Bourbon, honey syrup and a dash of lemon juice: so simple and yet so good. Discover the history and the original recipe of the gold rush cocktail.