brandy alexander cocktail ©iStock
Brandy Alexander Cocktail Recipe: How to Make It
There are two ways to make Brandy Alexander; with cream, or with ice cream. We have included both recipes below so you can pick your favourite.
christmas sangria ©iStock
Christmas Sangria Recipe: How to Make it in Simple Steps
Classic Sangria can be easily played with, making it a drink perfectly adaptable for the Christmas holidays. Just add holiday spices and flavours, and serve up a festive Christmas Sangria.
best vodka mixers
Best Mixers for your Vodka Cocktail
There are too many good mixed drinks with vodka to list them all here. Instead we’ve handpicked a few of the best, but also a few of the healthiest.
Bartender serving cocktails at Mudec
The Mudec Bistrot Drinks List by Mattia Pastori
Mudec Bistrot has acquired a very special temporary bar.
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How to Make Classic Manhattan Cocktail: Recipe & Ingredients
The classic Manhattan is a mix of American whiskey, Italian vermouth, and Angostura bitters.
Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients & How to Make it
How long does it take to mix the perfect Moscow mule? Just one minute. Good vodka, spicy ginger beer, sour-fruity lime, ice, all in a copper glass. Just through a few tweaks, you can turn a simple drink into a cocktail to remember.
christmas margarita ©iStock
How to Make a White Christmas Margarita: Easy Steps Recipe
Put together tequila, lime juice, triple sec, coconut milk and ice in a blender. Blend until smooth. Rim glasses with lime wedge and dip in sanding sugar. Pour into a glass and garnish with lime and cranberries.
hugo cocktail
Hugo Cocktail: How to Make the Elderflower Italian Spritz
The Hugo Spritz Cocktail is an aperitif made from a simple blend of elderflower cordial and dry Prosecco with fresh mint and lime. Read here how to make a Hugo spritz.
shirley temple cherries cocktail ©iStock
Shirley Temple Cocktail Recipe: How to Make it
The Shirley Temple Cocktail combines ginger ale with a grenadine dash for a sweet, blush-pink drink, warmed by the delicious spiciness of ginger. Modern Shirley Temples replace the ginger ale with lemon-lime soda and orange juice.