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Vodka Spritz

Vodka Spritz

Learn how to make a vodka spritz, a twist on the classic spritz, which is open to interpretation depending on taste.

17 September, 2021
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serves for



OZ (30 ml)
1/2 OZ (15 ml) Artisanal Bitters
Grapefruit juice
1 1/2 OZ (45 ml) Fresh grapefruit juice
Sugar syrup
3/4 OZ (22,5 ml)
A few sprigs

Step 01

Vodka Spritz step one

Cool a wine glass of your choice by filling it up to almost three quarters full with ice cubes. To speed up the process you can turn the ice with the bar spoon (the classic bartender spoon with a long and twisted handle).

Step 02

Vodka Spritz step 2

Dose the jigger with 1 1/2 OZ (45 ml) of squeezed grapefruit juice and pour into the glass.

Step 03

Vodka Spritz Step three

Dose with jigger 3/4 OZ (22.5 ml) of brown sugar syrup and pour into the glass.

Step 04

Vodka spritz step four

Dose the jigger with 1/2 OZ (15 ml) of homemade bitters and pour into the glass .

Step 05

Vodka Spritz step five

Dose the jigger with 1 OZ (30 ml) of vodka and pour into the glass.

Step 06

Vodka Spritz step six

Pour champagne straight to the top of the glass, until full.

Step 07

Vodka spritz step seven

Gently emulsify the ingredients with a bar spoon.

Step 08

Vodka Spritz Step Eight

Garnish the cocktail with a slice of grapefruit using fruit tweezers.

Step 09

Vodka Spritz Final Garnish

Finally, add fresh thyme using tweezers.


This cocktail has no real history, it's a twist on the classic Spritz. There is no official version, each bartender offers his/her own combinations and variations.  


There are different variations based on where you move on the territory that the I.B.A. allows, but starting from the official recipe, you can replace the Aperol with Campari, Cynar or another drink, according to your personal tastes. The ratio of the various products and the preparation are the same, the main ingredient is simply replaced.


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