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Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili

A vegetarian chili you can serve during a vegan meal too: the perfect vegetarian main dish made with beans, tomatoes, onions and vegetables

01 November, 2012
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Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

1 HR 0 MIN


Olive oil
3 tbsp
1 large, chopped
2 cloves, chopped
Chili Pepper
1 tsp
Tomato paste
4 tbsp
500 g, chopped
Vegetable stock
400 ml
Red pepper
1, deseeded and chopped
Green Pepper
1, deseeded and chopped
2, chopped
1, chopped
Kidney Beans
400 g, drained and rinsed
Sweet Corn
1 small tin, drained and rinsed


Heat the oil in a large pan and gently cook the onions until translucent. Add the garlic, cook for one minute then stir in the chilli powder and the tomato paste.

Add half the tomatoes and blend to a puree with a hand blender.

Pour in the stock then add the vegetables and the rest of the tomatoes. Simmer gently for about 20 minutes or until all the vegetables are tender.

Season with salt and pepper and serve with boiled rice, garnishing with parsley.

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