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Mozzarella Ball: Vegetables Couscous, Mozzarella and Basil

Mozzarella Ball: Vegetables Couscous, Mozzarella and Basil

An exclusive vegetable couscous recipe, prepared with mozzarella and basil by chef Accursio Capraro at Le Strade della Mozzarella event in London.

23 March, 2017
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Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

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200 g
Vegetable juice
200 g
300 g (see the following group of ingredients)
Mozzarella cheese
250 g
Basil pesto
100 g (see the following group of ingredients)
50 g
Flesh, cubed and peeled
Bell peppers
Red, yellow and green, cubed and peeled
Green beans
Cubed, blanched briefly in salted water
Red onion
Cubed, cooked sweet and sour (sugar and vinegar)
Thin wedges of cooked in syrup
250 g water, 100 g sugar, pinch of salt, 60 g red-wine vinegar
Small and desalted
1 bunch
Olive oil
A pinch
Parmesan cheese
A sprinkle
Lemon zest
Grape tomatoes
300 g
A pinch
A pinch
Soy sauce
few drops
Ginger juice
few drops
Extra virgin olive oil
Bread dough
200 g, risen
100 g
60 g, powdered
Potato starch
20 g
Extra virgin olive oil
10 g
Black olive pâté
20 g


For the Couscous

Wetting the couscous with cold water from time to time, cook in a steam oven for 50 minutes.

Loosen the grains with a fork.

Moisten with the vegetable juice, mix in the vegetables, chopped mozzarella and basil pesto.

Press the couscous into balls, brush with mozzarella juice and wrap with threads of mozzarella.

For the vegetable juice

Blend tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, water, pinch of salt. Filter through a cheesecloth.

Add a small amount of sweet and sour sauce. Thicken with xanthan gum.

For the basil pesto

Wash and dry basil. Place all ingredients in the Paco Jet and cool.

Blend lightly and freeze, mixing at least twice for smoothness.

For the Mozzarella threads

Slice the mozzarella and allow to drain at room temperature. Vacuum seal.

Heat with steam at 80°C for 1 minute. Flatten with a rolling pin and slice into thin strips.  

For the Tomato coulis

Wash tomatoes and blend well. Filter and mix with the remaining ingredients.

For the bread needles

Blend all ingredients and fill a pastry bag with the mixture.

Squeeze needle shapes onto a silicone baking mat (Silpat).

Bake in 100°C oven with 75 per cent humidity for 4 minutes.

Bake at 135°C in a dry oven with open valve for another 10 minutes.


Spread the tomato coulis, position the couscous ball, decorate by skewering it with the bread needles, and sprinkle with essence of basil. 

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