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Homemade Arepas Recipe

Arepas are small muffins made from white corn flour of Venezuelan origin. In Venezuela arepas are like daily bread: they can never be missing on the table. Preparing homemade arepas is very simple and fast also because their dough does not require leavening time. Also, being made with white corn flour, arepas are suitable for those on a gluten-free diet. Here's how to make arepas.

27 July, 2021
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Corn Flour
300 g
Filtered water
380 ml
Corn Oil
1 tbsp
Kosher salt
1 pinch

To Prepare

Step 01


To prepare the arepas, put the water, salt and oil in a bowl.

Step 02


Add the flour a little at a time and mix gradually.

Step 03


When you have obtained a soft and compact mixture, let it rest for five minutes so that it stabilizes.

Step 04


Cut the mixture into small pieces and form many small, not too thin discs, modeling them with your hands.

Step 05


Heat a little oil in a pan and cook the arepas for three minutes on each side.

History and origins

Arepas are widespread throughout South America. It seems that their origin goes back even to the Maya when the corn kernels were ground between two smooth stones. The flour obtained was mixed with water and thus these small discs were obtained. Depending on the regions of preparation, arepas can have different diameters and toppings. Each type of South American corn is made into flour and later into arepas. September 14 is world arepas day.
Venezuelan cuisine is waiting to be discovered and above all among the desserts, there are at least 5 that deserve a taste.

How to stuff arepas

In Colombia arepas are stuffed with eggs and cheese, while in Venezuela you can taste them with black beans, tuna, vegetables, avocado and chicken. Having a neutral flavor, you can stuff your arepas as you like. Excellent with smoked salmon and avocado, ham and cheese, but also in a sweet version with jam or chocolate cream.

Substitute flours

You can also prepare your arepas a normal 00 or wholemeal flour. You can also try to prepare them with buckwheat flour to maintain their gluten-free characteristic.



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