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"Pizzaiola" Oysters

"Pizzaiola" Oysters

Pizzaiola Oysters recipe: a seafood appetizer by the famous Italian chef Gennaro Esposito, oysters with Italian tomato sauce, bread and pesto

01 April, 2012
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Type of dish


Season & Occasion

serves for


total time

1 HR 30 MIN


4 each
To taste
Extra virgin olive oil
To taste
To taste
Controne beans
85 g, soaked
15 g, chopped (celery, carrots and onions)
1 slice
Extra virgin olive oil
To taste
85 g
10 leaves
Extra virgin olive oil
To taste
To taste
2 slices
Extra virgin olive oil
To taste
Star anise
To taste, crushed


Oysters with tomato sauce (pizzaiola)
Shuck the oysters, detach them from the shell and sprinkle with the tomato seeds, olive oil, basil and oregano and bake at 250°C for about 4 minutes.

Cream of beans
Brown garlic in a pan with chopped celery, onion and a piece of bacon, and discard all ingredients when golden. Combine the beans soaked in water and dilute with broth and water.
Cook for a few minutes.
Then blend and add broth to adjust creaminess.

Green bean pesto
Clean and boil the green beans.
In a skillet, brown a clove of garlic in olive oil and discard once golden.
Combine with the beans and continue cooking.
Add a sprig of fresh oregano and finish cooking.
Then finely chop.

Toasted bread
Stir-fry bread cut into cubes in a pan with olive oil, and then toast in the oven (107°C for 6 minutes) until crispy.

Dish composition
Coat the dish with the cream of beans, and then place the two oysters in the center.
Top the oysters with quenelles of green bean pesto and garnish with toasted bread.
Finish with olive oil and a dash of star anise.

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