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Blueberries or olives? Vanilla and Buffalo Milk

Blueberries or olives? Vanilla and Buffalo Milk

An exclusive recipe with buffalo milk prepared by chef Angelo Sabatelli at LSDM event in London, enriched with blueberries and ice cream.

21 March, 2017
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Dietary Consideration

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total time

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800 g
Black olives
20 g, candied
Lemon zest
400 g, full fat
250 g
Caster sugar
120 g
Egg yolks
Vanilla pods
2, pulp and pods separated
Extra virgin olive oil
50 g
10 g
Buffalo milk
800 g
Extra virgin olive oil
240 g
Egg Whites
150 gr
Icing sugar
50 gr
All purpose flour
100 g, White (00)
Olive Tapenade
250 g
Juniper Berries
20 g, chopped


Serves 20

For the Blueberries and olives compote

Place blueberries and olives in a bowl. Add a little syrup from the olive and the lemon zest.

Toss well and and let them macerate in the fridge.

For the Ice-cream

Soak gelatine in ice water.

In a mixing bowl, beat egg yolks with sugar and vanilla pulp.

In a pot, bring to boil the milk with the vanilla pods, strain it into the egg mixture and bring it to 83°C.

Melt in the gelatine (remove any excess water), add olive oil and chill immediately. Let it mature in the fridge for one night.

Tthe next day, pour it in a Pacojet beaker and blast freeze it to -21.

Churn it as needed to obtain a soft ice cream.

For the Milk and extra virgin olive oil foam

Warm the milk in a saucepan. Remove from the heat, add the oil and whisk it.

For the Sweet “spaghetti” decoration

Sieve all the dry ingredients into a bowl, add egg white and mix well to obtain a smooth mixture.

Place the mixture in a piping bag with a tiny plain nozzle and form thin “spaghetti-like” twists directly into the extra virgin olive oil (previously heated to 180°c ).

Delicately dry them on paper towels and dust them with sugar (and spices, if you like).


Brush some olive paste onto each plate and nicely arrange the blueberry and olive compote.

Sprinkle some of the chopped juniper over the compote.

Complete with a vanilla ice cream quenelle, the milk foam and the sweet spaghetti.

Serve immediately.

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