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Here's How To Keep Lettuce Fresh Longer

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Here's How To Keep Lettuce Fresh Longer

How To Make Lettuce Stay Fresh Longer

Once the weather gets warmer salads take center stage so it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep lettuce fresh longer.

Of course, salads are just the tip of the iceberg (pun fully intended). Lettuce gets tucked into juicy burgers, tasty sandwiches and healthy wraps like this one. Also, it is delightful as a substitute for bread.

There are dozens of lettuce varieties and each is loaded with vitamins - everything from potassium, magnesium, calcium and fiber. Fun fact: romaine lettuce is more nutritious than kale. It’s hard to believe but true (just take a look here).

How can you make lettuce stay fresh longer?

It’s really not complicated at all. Lettuce is a delicate vegetable that requires just a bit of TLC to ensure you enjoy crisp leaves. Try these tips to keep lettuce fresh longer:

1. Cut the stem off the lettuce.

2. Place the lettuce inside the salad spinner bowl (without the basket). Fill the bowl with cold water and let the lettuce sit for at least five minutes. This ‘freshens’ up the leaves and makes them crispier. If it’s a very hot day add one or two ice cubes to the bowl of water.

3. Pour the water out and separate the lettuces leaves. Rinse each one under cold water to remove any debris and place inside the salad spinner basket.

4. Spin the lettuce once or twice until it is mostly dry.

5. Drain away excess water and place in the refrigerator. Refrigerator placement is key here - if it’s too cold the leaves will wilt. I have found it’s best to place the salad spinner in the middle shelf. They keep fresh for a solid week, sometimes more.

Now go reward yourself for your hard work with something delicious like a Thai shrimp lettuce wraps

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