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3 Ways To Maximize the flavor of Cornish Game Hens

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3 Ways To Maximize the flavor of Cornish Game Hens
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Small, juicy and tender, Cornish game hens are the perfect main course to dish up when you want to impress your guests. Whether you have never cooked Cornish game hens or simply need a few recipe ideas, these cooking tips will help you get a gorgeous dinner on the table in no time.

What is a Cornish game hen?

Cornish game hens are small chickens that get their name from the county of Cornwall in England. Their diminutive size makes them ideal for entertaining, as each guest may enjoy their own small hen.

You may also find a Rock Cornish game hen at the market. These are a cross between White Rock and Cornish chickens and weigh just about 2 1/2 lbs (about 1 kg). 

Cornish Game Hen Recipes

Cooking a Cornish game hen is not that much different than cooking a larger chicken. You'll still have to follow the same steps: clean, pat dry, season and roast until it has reached a temperature of 165F.

However, because Cornish game hens are much small than regular chicken you'll be able to fit anywhere from three to four in the same roasting pan.

Here are some great Cornish game hen recipes to inspire you:

Asian-Style Stuffed Cornish Game Hen

Give your Cornish game hens a twist by cooking them with Asian spices and stuffing them with bean thread noodles, pork and vegetables. An unforgettable dish that is sure to please your guests.

Herb Roasted Cornish Game Hen

Here is a simple yet flavorful recipe perfect for entertaining for an elegant weeknight dinner. The Cornish game hens are seasoned with herbs and roasted on a bed of veggies.

Best Cornish Game Hen Recipe For A Simple Weeknight Dinner

If you are looking for a one-pot weeknight dinner try this Cornish game hen recipe from Tia Mowry. The hens are rubbed with a generous amount of butter and seasonings before being stuffed with lemon and garlic. Then they are roasted to perfection over a bed of potatoes and carrots. 

Find the full recipe here.

Need tips on carving a chicken or hen? Try these easy tips:

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