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UK Restaurants Adopt Pay-Before-You-Eat Policy Ahead of April Reopening

15 March, 2021
Restaurant reservation

Some unscrupulous diners, worried they would not get a booking on the night, booked multiple restaurants only to either cancel at the last minute, or commit the dreaded no-show. It saw some of the country’s leading chefs come out in criticism of the practice of not showing up for a reservation, and accuse the perpetrators of risking a restaurant’s future by doing it.

A pay-before-you-eat policy, for restaurants and indeed pubs, would help businesses focus on providing the best food and safe service ahead of what looks like a very busy summer’s trading.

Kate Nicholls, the chief executive of UK Hospitality said: "No-shows are a nuisance at the best of times but, with businesses still so fragile, their impacts would be hugely compounded."

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