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A Look at 'Tom Ticken': Thomas Troisgros' Ode to Chicken

07 July, 2021

The Ticken Wings, or rather drumettes, introduce an old favourite from the Group, guava ketchup. After a slight breading in a mixture of seasoned flours, the drumettes or wings are bathed in the guava-based sauce in the classic or spicy versions (with a generous touch of Sriracha pepper) and finished with a toasted sesame mix.

Find out how easy it is to make Ticken Wings in the step-by-step recipe below.

A popular Brazilian street food snack 'chicken coxinha' completes the line-up. Think savoury dough, shaped into a drumstick, with a creamy chicken salad filling. French fries and nuggets serve as the ideal accompaniments.


Tom Ticken also comes with a good side serving of feel-good factor. On opening day, the brand donated 1,000 sandwiches to homeless people. From then on, for each sandwich sold, another one will be donated until completing a total of 5,000 donations. 

Tom Ticken will service the South Zone of Rio in partnership with iFood and, later, Barra da Tijuca (Olegário Maciel). 

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