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OpenTable Promotes Cancel Culture to End Restaurant No-Shows

23 June, 2021
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Repeat offenders will be banned from the OpenTable platform and their accounts suspended if they are a no-show for reservations four times in a 12-month period.

While giving restaurants on their platform a forewarning and allowing them to act accordingly, it is also hoped that the campaign will simply make customers aware of the damage a no-show does to a restaurant's bottom line.

Restaurateurs across the US and Europe are reporting no-shows and some have had no choice but to request deposits or payment in advance, a practice that works for the flagship destination restaurants but is harder to enforce for the smaller, local establishments that rely on walk-ins.

According to OpenTable’s latest research, over 80% of their restaurants have reopened in the US, and diners at those restaurants are nearing 2019 levels (+90%).  

“A staggering 28% of Americans say they haven't shown up for a reservation in the past year,” said OpenTable in a press release.

"What many don't realise is that cancelling is better than simply not showing up. For example, at Philadelphia's Blackfish restaurant, if six people don't show up for one dinner, Blackfish loses 5% of its income - most of the restaurant's profit margin. This also doesn't include the impact on food and staffing costs, among other things, that no-shows have on restaurants since they make decisions based on reservations booked.”

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