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Alba white truffle world auction raises record breaking bids

13 November, 2019
International Truffle Auction 2019

White Truffle Season 2019

The white Alba truffle is harvested by truffle hunters annually from 21 September to 31 January. For the past 89 years, the town of Alba in Piedmont has hosted a large white truffle fair for almost two months, during which the auction is held.

Antonio De Giacomi, director of the National Center of Studies on the Truffle, reports on the current season;

"It is a season that has had alternating moments: there have been good rains, but then in October it was also very hot. Now, in November and December, the best truffles are coming with the best aromas."

This year the prized white truffles are selling for approximately two thousand euros per kilo. Even 3,500, for larger pieces. 

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