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52 Times: A Year in 52 Chef Dinners

05 August, 2017
52 Times

Photo Robertas Daskevičius

#15 time was I created especially for Easter with chef Ronaldas Nagrockis - a photoshoot which aims to inspire you with a novel idea on how to celebrate Easter with your family or friends. This time the photoshoot took place up on the roof. Creating my project, I also want to inspire people to explore new boundaries and arrange parties for friends or a family in unusual places. The roof of a building is one example of a non-standard party-place, therefore I liked this photoshoot so much.

#18 time was created with the multiple winners of international culinary competitions chef Liucija Makovska just before the Mother’s Day weekend, during it, I tried a different style of food photography. I took pictures amongst the fresh spring flowers. It was a new and interesting challenge to compose meals amongst the blossoms as it is one thing to have an idea and quite another to fulfill it the way you had imagined.

#21 time was created with chef Matas Paulinas. I had the idea to connect together both flavors and colors, using the food and color pencils. As the basis of this photoshoot, we chose the main colors of the RGB color model – red, green, blue and white. Then we matched the dishes. In this way, my new, graphic, colorful and unexpected photo session with dramatic lighting was born.

#25 time was created with chef Anna Baranova, this photoshoot also became editorial for one famous Lithuanian women magazine. This photoshoot is about the sweet moment of the holiday, good food, style, bright sun and the pool, where the reality plays along with the fantasy and the things which are real, suddenly become something which actually does not exist.

#51 Time © Robertas Daskevičius

#51 Time ©Robertas Daskevičius

52 times has been named as the best blog in Lithuania. What do you think makes the blog stand out from the crowd?
I think that becoming the best blog in Lithuania only confirms the old truth that content is the king. I think people like the original idea and unique content, the different food photoshoots I present each week. Also, it’s pretty useful - when a weekend is approaching, you get a full package of recipes you can use making dinner for friends or family or at least get some culinary inspiration.

What do you see for the future of this project?
First of all, I want to finish it and keep my promise to deliver 52 different food photoshoots until the end of the year. I already reached half-way, it wasn’t easy, but I really enjoy this journey. So I want to continue it till the end, to fulfill the ideas I have and make better and better photoshoots each week. When the year is over - let’s see what the future will bring. I have a dream to create such a project with best world chefs on international level one day, so who knows?

In Viaggio by Gianpaolo Barbieri

In viaggio: Gian Paolo Barbieri's Travel Photography

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