Food Culture

food culture
Food Culture

Today food culture and the culture of taste is no longer simply limited to the plate alone.

It goes beyond what you are eating or cooking. Food culture also transcends the world of food itself. Here we will show how culinary connections can step into the world of art, design, films and books, providing food lovers with an overall experience and culture perspective. Simply put, it's stimulation for all five senses. Satisfaction not only for your mouth, but your mind.

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New York Film Festival 2019
New York Film Festival 2019: taste with your eyes!
Take a look at the trailers of Slotted Spoon Awards winners at the 13th edition of the Food Film Festival in New York city.
Monochrome Noir
“L’Audace”: the best food images from Photographie Culinaire
Enjoy a selection of mouthwatering food photographs from the Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire.
The cover of Signature Dishes that Matter
Over 200 iconic foods captured in Signature Dishes
Signature Dishes That Matter, published by Phaidon, offers a captivating look at the rich history of restaurant culture and over 200 iconic foods that have shaped the past 300 years of eating out.
Nerua's dish Kokotxa
Pride, revenge and happiness: the keys of Basque gastronomic success
Even more Basque restaurants are climbing the World's 50 Best Restaurants list. From Arzak and Aduriz to the newest rising stars, let's find out what lies beneath the culinary success of this region
French preferences
French say they love Italian cuisine best (after their own!)
An investigation into the French's food preferences reveals that 94% of respondents prefer Italian specialities, after their own.
Healthy Boy Band ©Thomas Albdorf
Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy with Healthy Boy Band
Thanks to Healthy Boy Band, food and art meet in Vienna for the first time. Have a look at the amazing dishes created during the last Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy dinner.
City of Gastronomy_Lyon
A look inside the new "Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie de Lyon"
A new culinary museum and food experience arrive in Lyon in South-East France. We take a look through the keyhole.
Culinary Zinema 2019
Culinary Zinema 2019: the best takeaways from San Sebastián
Watch the trailers of the food inspired films presented in September during the 67th edition of Culinary Zinema
Xiaoqing Chen
From Chinese food to cultural diversity: a journey through a lens
The eye of Xiaoqing Chen, the documentary director behind the Netflix series "Flavorful Origins", on the food world.
Play Food From The Future
'Play Food From The Future' encourages children to think differently about what they eat
An innovative 3D-printed play form food set allows the shoppers of tomorrow to play with 'Bug Mac' and 'Algae Ball'.
Beatle in the box
Beatle in the box: how to turn insects into gourmet food
Beatle in a box is a culinary photographic project: think gregarious locusts, crunchy crickets and stackable scorpions starring in gourmet gazpacho, tagliate
Beatle in the box by Michela Benaglia and Emanuela Colombo
"Beatle in the box" project: how insects turn into gourmet food
Take a look at the amazing pictures by two Italian photographers in collaboration with a chef and a biologist, exploring and normalizing the practice of eating insects in a series of stunning still life images.