Coronavirus News

Coronavirus News
Marcus Rashford playing for England
Marcus Rashford and Restaurants United against Child Poverty
The Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, whose campaign calling for the UK government to provide food for vulnerable children was defeated last week, saw restaurants step up to help out.
Trump Pence
Trump Says NYC is a "Ghost Town" and Restaurants are "Dying"
In the final televised debate, President Donald Trump claimed that restaurants are "dying" due to coronavirus restrictions.
UK Hospitality On Knife-Edge Despite New Government Backing 
Chefs and restaurant professionals joined demonstrations in London, as the UK hospitality industry remains in a precarious position under new coronavirus restrictions, despite government backing.
Paris 9pm Curfew
9pm Curfew is Latest Blow to French Restaurants
Restaurants are at the receiving end once again, as new coronavirus restrictions raise difficult questions for restaurateurs in Paris and eight other French cities
Edinburgh Scotland
Scotland’s Restaurant Industry Handed “Death Sentence” Under new Restrictions
Scotland's restaurant industry is in freefall after new coronavirus restrictions were imposed on the country.
Paris bars closing
Bars Closed in Paris, New Rules for Restaurants
In Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, restaurants can open Monday, 5 October, provided they respect a reinforced health protocol.
Did Packed Restaurants Cause UK's Coronavirus Spike?
The UK government's Eat Out to Help Out restaurant scheme might have provided a financial boost for struggling restaurants this summer, but did it also cause a spike in coronavirus cases?
New York City High Line_Paul Huisman_Unsplash
NYC Restaurateurs and Workers Prepare to Protest
Restaurateurs are planning to march on the NYC governor's offices to demand a more effective plan for NYC restaurants, including more indoor seating capacity.
Sirenetta copenhagen
Copenhagen Restaurants Weather the Storm
With some high-profile closures, Copenhagen's restaurant scene has had a tough time recently, but a steely resolve and resilience is helping some to combat the coronavirus crisis.
2020 is about to get Worse for Restaurants
The upcoming election in the US could encourage people to dine in and watch current affairs programmes and debates rather than dine out.
EMP winter menu
Eleven Madison Park to Re-open After Striking Deal with Landlord
Daniel Humm has praised his bank and landlord for stepping up in a big way and allowing him the financial security to re-open his three-Michelin-star restaurant, as early as November.
Daniel Boulud
Daniel Boulud Goes for US Domination with French Bistro Classics
Boulud has partnered with a nationwide e-commerce company meaning foodies in all 50 US states can now re-create his signature dishes, at home.
Lindsay Tusk
Lindsay Tusk: "The Rules for Running a Restaurant are Being Rewritten"
The San Francisco restaurateur shares her personal journey, navigating her businesses through the coronavirus pandemic, plus her hopes for a brighter future of what is a "vulnerable" industry.
Temple Bar Dublin
Ireland's "Greedy Landlords" Slammed by Restaurant Association
The Restaurants Association of Ireland has criticised Irish landlords for not going far enough to help struggling restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic.
New York
Anger Mounts at lack of Clarity on Indoor Dining in New York
New York's Michelin star restaurants are calling for clarity on whether they can allow indoor dining this fall, with some saying the industry won't survive in the city unless they can.
venezuela pandemic problem
Venezuela: Pandemic Adds to Chefs' Woes 
In Venezuela, chefs have been struggling with political, social and economic instability, but the coronavirus outbreak has only made matters more challenging.
108 Copenhagen
Noma's Sister Restaurant 108 to Close Permanently
Noma's sister restaurant 108, Copenhagen, is to close its doors permanently at the end of the month citing the reduced numbers of tourists in the city.
Jose Andres
José Andrés Takes Up the Fight against Insurers
Chef José Andrés has joined other high profile DC chefs in taking action against Traveler Insurance for failure to cover Business Interruption costs
The Clink Restaurant at HMP Brixton
Prison Breaks into Meal Delivery Service
The Clink training restaurant at Brixton Prison in south London is pivoting to a home delivery meal service. Find out what's on the menu.
Dominique Ansel
Dominique Ansel Leaves London
Dominique Ansel, the famed creator of
The Cellar, Fullerton©Shutterstock
Restaurant Set on Fire in Response to Mask Policy, Claims Chef
A suspicious blaze is being investigated at The Cellar restaurant in Fullerton, California in response to what the chef believes was motivated by a customer's unhappiness at the historic restaurant's mask-wearing policy.
Mauro colagreco
World's Best Restaurant Reinvents Hand Sanitiser
Mauro Colagreco has worked with a French ceramist to create individual hand washing bowls served to guests at tables laden with floating flower at his 3 Michelin star Riviera restaurant.
Raymond Blanc portrait
Raymond Blanc: "We are Going to Reinvent Agriculture"
Chef Raymond Blanc admits that there will be 'horrendous' consequences from coronavirus, but there might be some positive effects: "We are Going to Reinvent Agriculture"
“A trifle consoles us…” - '70s Food Makes a Comeback in Lockdown
Sourdough bread got all the headlines during lockdown, but it seems some of Britain’s '70s favourites made a comeback, as people looked to recreate childhood memories.
Restaurant No Shows
Restaurant No Shows are Like Panic Buying at the start of Lockdown
British chef Paul Ainsworth has hit out at restaurant no-show customers saying that the trend is akin to panic buying at the start of the pandemic.
Danny Meyer
The Man who Pioneered No Tipping Brings it Back
New York restaurateur Danny Meyer has reintroduced tipping in his restaurant group, five years after abolishing it.
Sasu Laukkonen
Sasu Laukkonen: A Sushi Survival Story
Discover how the Michelin-starred Finnish chef's Ora restaurant turned into a sushi pop-up shop overnight, becoming a story that inspired a nation.
Photo Evan Wise | Unsplash
Chef Locks Himself in Kitchen to Escape Angry Customer
A chef was forced to lock himself in his kitchen when an irate customer refused to accept that his tearoom was closed to the public.
No Shows_Alex Holyoake on Unsplash
'No More No-Shows' Campaign Gathers Pace in UK
A NOMORENOSHOWS campaign launched in Manchester this week in a bid to stop customers from not turning up to their restaurant reservation.
50 Best Bid for Recovery
World's 50 Best Raises over $1.23 Million: Here's How You Can Apply for a Grant
The World's 50 Best organisation has raised over one million USD for restaurants around the world that are struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Direct grants are also available. Find out how to apply.
Restaurant no shows
Michelin-Star Restaurant Takes a Stand Against No-Shows
St John restaurant is introducing a £20 "no show" charge upon re-opening to help mitigate financial risks when they re-open in July.
restaurant mask
Swiss Doctor Warns Restaurants Against Using Plastic Visors
A Swiss doctor has warned restaurants against using plastic visors saying the cause a 'false sense of security'.
Marcus Samuelsson
Harlem ServesUp TV Fundraiser
The annual Harlem EatUp! food festival will turn into a televised fundraiser this year, on July 18, to raise funds for charities working in the local community.
Alinea Coronavirus
From Controversy to Closure: Covid Reality Bites for Grant Achatz
Michelin-star chef Grant Achatz has just dealt with an online backlash over a coronavirus-themed amuse bouche. Now one of his staff at AIR has tested positive, and the pop-up has had to close.
Restaurant no show
Michelin-Star Chef Blasts Restaurant No-Shows
No-shows Push Restaurants to the Brink
French Chefs Give up Michelin Stars to go Casual
Two French chefs in Normandy will hand back their Michelin stars in a bid to pursue a more casual and accessible style of cooking in the 'new normal' post lockdown.
sommelier wine pouring Unsplash image
Sommeliers get a Taste of the 'New Normal'
The coronavirus crisis has hit the restaurant industry hard, with many chefs in danger of losing their livelihoods. But what about the sommeliers? How have they coped through the pandemic, and where will they stand in the 'new normal'?
Alice Waters
Alice Waters and Chez Panisse go to Court over Insurance
Iconic Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse sues its insurance company over refusal to pay business interruption over government-imposed lockdown restrictions.
Uk cuts tax
UK Slashes VAT and Introduces Discount Dining Scheme
The UK government is paying for diners to start eating out again as well as helping boost the sector with reduced VAT.
Chef scraps service charges
London Chef Scraps Optional Service Charge
A London restaurant commits to ending service charges as part of the new ‘normal’ in the post-lockdown world in a bid to improve the security of staff wages.
 restaurant closed
Lost to the Lockdown: Permanent Restaurant Closures
Some high-profile restaurants have fallen to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and will not reopen their doors. here's a round-up of some we'll all miss.
Nathan Outlaw
Nathan Outlaw will Reopen with More Accessible and Fun Approach
Chef Nathan Outlaw is to rebrand his Port Isaac restaurant as a more accessible concept.
Sat Bains
Two-Michelin-Star Chef Won't Risk Reopening
Chef Sat Bains has said that he will not reopen on July 4th as the threat of a second wave of coronavirus in the UK is too high.
Turning The Tables Downloadable
Six Key Takeaways on the Future of Restaurants - Free Download
The Turning The Tables digital forum brought together some of the sharpest minds in food - this free download contains six key takeaways from the discussions.
Chef plating
The Coronavirus Survey: What the Experts Think | Video
The restaurant industry is among the hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis.
London people
London and New York Plot a Return for Restaurants and Bars
London and New York prepare for the return of restaurants by relaxing lockdown restrictions.
Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund
Eat Out Relief Fund helps Restaurants feed Communities in South Africa
The South African relief fund supports restaurants feeding those most in need during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out some of the inspiring stories coming out of the initiative.
man selling coffee at food truck
PPP Changes Bring Relief for Self-Employed
The Flexibility Act provides confirmation that self-employed and contract hospitality workers can avail of loan forgiveness with PPP.
Post-Lockdown Diner's Diary
Diary of a Restaurant Returner
Lockdown is lifted in Milan, and restaurants are reopening. Our intrepid diner tried seven restaurants in seven days, and kept a journal.
Eugenio Boer_Bu:UR meal kit
Make Way for Makeaway - The New Kind of Takeaway
Takeaway where some of the assembly is on the diner at home, or 'makeaways' from high-end restaurants are turning dining at home into a whole new experience. Here's a pick of options around the world, from London to Melbourne.
Empty restaurant
IRC Pushes for $120 Billion to Save Independent Restaurants
AS many as 85% of idependent restaurants could fail by the end of 2020 due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis according to a report by the IRC.
Accounts notebook Iryna Tysiak Unsplash
3 Things to Know about Further Changes to PPP
Here are three things to know about further changes to the US government's PPP.
Jose Andres ad Dr Fauci
José Andrés Quizzes Dr. Fauci on Restaurant Safety
Chef José Andrés spoke to Dr. Anthony Fauci about what measures restaurants need to take to protect customers and staff when reopening.
Allard Paris
Alain Ducasse Reveals New Anti Virus Air Solution for Restaurants
The multi Michelin starred French chef Alain Ducasse has installed a new high-tech air ventilation system in his smallest restaurant, describing each table as "contained as in an operating theatre."
Food hall
The Future of Food Halls After the Pandemic
Nidal Barake of Gluttonomy, a food marketing agency, ponders the future of food halls as we emerge from the coronavirus lockdown.
Maison Yaki
Chef Greg Baxtrom Offers Restaurant to Aspiring Black Entrepreneurs
Chef Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted in Brooklyn has offered his Maison Yaki restaurant to aspiring black entrepreneurs to springboard their career.
Tokyo restaurant
Only in Tokyo - Mannequins and Cheerleaders Create Unique Atmosphere
Tokyo restaurant uses mannequins and cheerleaders to aid social distancing. Thank you, Tokyo.
Food delivery
When the Cost of Food Delivery Might Be Too High
As food delivery drivers are forced to put themselves in danger, we should be asking ourselves is it really worth the cost?
PPP loans forgiveness
Here's Why PPP Forgiveness Could get Much, Much Easier
Proposed changes to the government's Paycheck Protection Program PPP could make loan forgiveness for restaurants much, much easier.
Bee Wilson Natasha Runciman
Bee Wilson: "We suddenly see the true value of food."
If lockdown has been good for anything, it has reconnected us with our food, says food writer and historian Bee Wilson, and the more people cook at home, the more they discover the true value of food.
Marcus Samuelsson Red Rooster
Marcus Samuelsson: "Racism is Bigger than the Pandemic"
Marcus Samuelsson opens up about making Harlem his home, the cornavirus pandemic, serving 30,000 meals with WCK and ingrained racism.
Safety First: A Guide to Serving Food and Protecting People During Covid 19
Safety First: A Guide for U.S. Restaurateurs by The Aspen Institute
A comprehensive guide highlighting the basic operating rules any kitchen should follow to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
restaurant closed
PPP Fix Passes First Hurdle
The House of Representatives has passed a bill to amend the government's Paycheck Protection Program, but more needs to be done according to the Independent Restaurant Coalition.
Michelin Barometer of restaurant openings_Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash
See Michelin's Barometer for Starred Restaurant Re-openings
The Michelin Guide has developed an international barometer to highlight the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on Michelin-starred restaurants by tracking their re-opening.
chef protest
Chefs Across Europe Take to the Streets in Protest
Chefs have staged protests across European cities to protest governments' inaction to help the struggling hospitality industry.
Times Square Dark
Times Square Goes Dark in Support of Restaurants
Times Square went dark temporarily in support of restaurants in danger of going dark permanently.
10 Alternative social distancing measures in restaurants
10 Novel Social Distancing Ideas from Restaurants
Restaurants around the world are responding to social distancing mandates in weird and wonderful ways. Here's a selection of the best.
Adopt a cow
Adopt a Cow, Get Fresh Butter, Milk and Cheese
Adopt a cow in return for butter, milk and cheese is a new initiative launched by an Italian dairy farmer's cooperative to help protect their livelihood threatened by the coronavirus pandemic.
Alexandre Mazzia©DavidGirard
Alexandre Mazzia Pivots to a Food Truck
The two Michelin starred chef from AM gourmet in Marseille in the south of France will soon open a food truck to help increase his revenue and keep his team intact at a time when the restaurant industry is suffering.
Restaurant empty
French Court Orders Insurer to Cover Restaurant's Coronavirus Costs
A French court has ruled that an insurer must cover a restaurant’s
Turning The Tables | An Industry on Pause
Turning The Tables: An Industry on Pause
Education, tipping, the importance of community and different ways of running restaurants.
When the Lockdowns are Lifted
Turning The Tables: When the Lockdowns are Lifted
Three-Star Michelin take-out, making ice cream to support a food chain, economic advice, consumer trends, business strategy and more.
Grant Achatz
Grant Achatz on Why Take-Out Will Never Be The Same Again
The three-star Michelin chef talks about what it was like to pivot his world-famous Alinea restaurant in Chicago to offer take out.
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis on Relief, Reopening and Rebuilding
The chief strategy officer at the James Beard Foundation has been on the ground since day one of lockdowns.
Mitsuharu Tsumura
Mitsuharu Tsumura on Ghost Kitchens, New Concepts and Cooking for Community
Mitsuharu Tsumura from the Maido restaurant in Peru, Lima, talks about his newest plans to open more local, community and democratic models of dinning in his
Massimo Bottura and Alexa Bottura
Massimo Bottura’s Advice to Young Chefs
The great Italian chef, Massimo Bottura, offers up advice to a young chef asking about transitioning from a learning role to a leading role, making the jump
Ana Ros
Ana Roš on Preserving Food Chains
The Slovenian chef Ana Roš talks about how her and her entire team lived on lockdown inside their restaurant during quarantine.
Turning The Tables | Thoughtful Lockdown Lessons
Thoughtful Lockdown Lessons
Introspection isn’t common in the restaurant industry, but many have found time to reflect on their relationships, both professional and personal, whether it
Turning The Tables | Community Lockdown Lessons
Community Lockdown Lessons
During the period of lockdowns, closures and reopenings, the one thing that has remained evident across the world is the strength of the restaurant community
Mitch Lienhard
Mitch Lienhard on Quitting a Three-Star Job to Learn Leadership
Mitch Lienhard had it all, top job at one of the best restaurants in the U.S, accolades, he was the winner of the San Pellegrino Young Chef competition and h
Turning The Tables | Reflective Lockdown Lessons
Reflective Lockdown Lessons
This time of pause has given us all time to reconnect, to reconnect with nature, with family and as Lara Gilmore says in this inspirational collection of loc
Nidal Barake
Nidal Barake: Run Your Restaurant as a Business, Not as a Restaurant
Nidal Barake is the owner of the Gluttonomy food agency based in Miami.
Matteo Figura
Trend Expert Matteo Figura On What People Want from Restaurants
Matteo Figura is the food service director for Italy at the NPD market research group.
Turning The Tables | Pivotal Lockdown Lessons
Pivotal Lockdown Lessons| Turning The Tables
The industry has moved, shifted, evolved and as Brian Canlis says in this inspirational collection of lockdown lessons: they learned to break the box and bui
Fine Dining Lovers Coronavirus Survey for Professionals
The Coronavirus Survey: The Expert View
Read the Fine Dining Lovers Coronavirus Survey and find out what restaurant industry experts really think about the crisis.
Fine Dining Lovers Survey for Diners
The Coronavirus Survey: What Diners Think
For the lowdown on the lockdown and beyond, read the Fine Dining Lovers Coronavirus Survey, and find out how diners are dealing with the crisis.
Online wine exams_Photo by Zachariah Hagy on Unsplash
Upskill Your Wine Expertise Online
The Wine and Spirit Education Trust has for the first time introduced two online exams for students to complete their courses.
Chef cooking in a kitchen by Rene Asmussen
Paul Sorgule Offers Young Chefs a Morale Boost
The Veteran US chef offers up 11 pieces of inspiring advice for culinary graduates entering an industry thrown into uncertainty in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Sasha Correa
Sasha Correa Asks If Our New Habits Will Last After Coronavirus
Sasha Correa of the Basque Culinary Center wonders whether people can keep up their new food habits as we emerge from lockdown.
Vaughn Tan
Vaughn Tan: When All The Rules Change, It’s Time To Get Creative
When it comes to uncertainty, Professor Vaughn Tan has written the book. Now he is imploring restaurants to get creative and turn the opportunities arising from the coronavirus crisis into success.
Amanda Cohen
Amanda Cohen: We Need to Fix Our Restaurant Industry
In Fine Dining Lovers’ Turning The Tables, a series of talks by restaurant industry leaders, Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy speaks about how the coronavirus crisis heighted issues in the industry and how it needs to change.
Nick Kokonas
Nick Kokonas: Building a Revenue Bridge Out of Covid-19 Towards Future Restaurant Success
Nick Kokonas takes stock of Tock and the Alinea Group during the Covid-19 crisis, and emerges with a plan to beat the challenges of lockdown.
Pandemic Pivot F&B Business Tool
Pandemic Pivot Business Tool - A Free Business Re-Model Tool
If you're thinking about pivoting, try taking the free 30 minute pandemic pivot tool to crunch some numbers and assess what should work best for your restaurant.
Coronavirus Guide for Takeout and Delivery for F&B Businesses
A Coronavirus Guide for Takeout and Delivery for Food and Beverage Businesses
If you're thinking of pivoting to takeout or delivery, or you already have, check out this practical guide, full of fuss-free tips and solutions to make sure your new business model runs smoothly.
General Coronavirus guide for F&B Industry
A General Coronavirus Guide for the Food and Beverage Industry
Discover how to increase customer and staff confidence, and ensure your business is managing the risk of coronavirus effectively in this handy practical guide.
Lockdown Leaves Michelin Inspector Deflated
A Michelin inspector has posted an article about wanting their old life back and the things they've missed most about restaurants.
restaurant closed
David Chang and Guests Discuss What it's Like to Permanently Close a Restaurant
The David Chang Podcast Explores what it's like for a chef to lose their restaurant permanently to the coronavirus pandemic.
Michelin Guide director Gwendal Poullennec
Michelin Guide Hungry for Return to Rating Restaurants
The Michelin Guide is eager to return to rating restaurants, while rival lists focus on helping them to survive.
Dan Barber
Replanting a Movement: Dan Barber’s Kitchen Farming Project
As the coronavirus lockdown continues to hit the food and restaurant industries hard, The Kitchen Farming Project is Blue Hill chef Dan Barber's latest initiative to keep the farm-to-table movement alive and kicking.
Turning the table
Digital Discussions on The Future of The Restaurant Industry
Join Fine Dining Lovers and a host of restaurant industry professionals as we discuss the coronavirus and its impact on the world of gastronomy.
Will Guidara
Will Guidara Calls on Government to Help Keep Independent Restaurants Alive
Restaurateur Will Guidara has spoken out for America's independent restaurants and the economic measures that need to be put in place to protect their role in America culture.
Miles Irving
After Coronavirus, Foraging is Our Way Back to Nature
If the coronavirus crisis has taught us anything it is that we have to reimagine our relationship with food and nature. Foraging might be the way back for us.
Noma 3.0: Redzepi Flips to Burgers
The world's best restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, is to reopen next week as a burger and wine joint.
Danny Meyer_Financial Times / CC BY (
Danny Meyer Says his Restaurants Will Remain Closed for the Foreseeable Future
New York's leading hospitality expert says it's not in his interests to re-open his full-service restaurants until a vaccine is found for coronavirus.
Photo by Leyy M on Unsplash
City of Vienna to Give Away €40 million in Gastronomy Vouchers
The City of Vienna is to stimulate the restaurant industry by giving residents €50 vouchers to spend in cafés and restaurants.
Tuscan restaurateurs demonstration - Photo: Carlo Bressan
4 metres for Every Guest: How Italy is Preparing to Reopen Bars and Restaurants
Italy, the country first hit with the coronavirus outbreak, has moved to Phase 2 of dealing with the outbreak. Restaurants and bars will reopen from Monday 18th May, but with very specific rules in place.
Food Delivery NYC©Brett Jordan on unsplash
New York City Passes Restaurant Relief Bills: Including Capping Food Delivery Fees
New York City's Council has passed a number of bills to help restaurants left struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, from capping third party delivery fees to waiving sidewalk licensing fees. Find out the details.
Mannequins at The Inn at Little Washington
Dine Michelin with Mannequins
Three-Michelin-starred Inn at Little Washington in the US is having fun with the new social distancing measures in place for its re-opening by filling empty seats with mannequins.
Australia Corona Virus
Fire and Pestilence: Australia, Restaurants and the Virus
Australian food writer Pat Nourse examines Melbourne's response to the coronavirus, and how chefs and restaurants have pivoted in order to survive.
Instagram Food ordering©Spencer Davis_Unsplash
Instagram Food Delivery Is Now Available Direct from your Favourite Restaurant
The photo sharing social media app now has a food ordering functionality designed to help small businesses suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Find out how to use it to order take out or delivery from your favourite restaurant.
Chefs whites brussels
Chefs' Whites Laid out in Protest in Brussels
Hundreds of chefs' whites were laid out in Gran PLace in Brussels, Belgium to protest the country's failing hospitality sector.
Hong Kong Restaurants
Download This Restaurant's Viral Blueprint for Reopening after Lockdowns
A Hong Kong restaurant group created a manual for how to adapt to a world with Covid-19 and it has become an operating bible for the whole state and spread around the world.
Grant Achatz
Foil and Triumph: A Pivotal Moment for Achatz and Alinea
Grant Achatz on his journey into an unknown and surprisingly rewarding world of takeout, sharing his iconic tabletop dessert for delivery and celebrating Alinea’s 15th anniversary with diners on lockdown.
Tom Colicchio
Tom Colicchio: "There’s Going to be a Whole Second Wave of Closures.”
Tom Colicchio speaks about the challenges facing the restaurant industry once it reopens for business and the threat of a second wave of closures.
José Andres
José Andrés Backed Bill Would Fund Restaurants 100% to Feed Needy
Jose Andres backed bill introduced that would allow governments to fund restaurants to feed vulnerable 100%.
Will Guidara on Weekly Specials
Will Guidara's New Show: Weekly Specials!
Will Guidara has launched a new show called Weekly Specials. A jolt of much-needed positivity for the hospitality industry.
Kat Kinsman Interview
Andrew Talks to Chefs: Special Report #5 - Kat Kinsman
Andrew Friedman is joined by Kat Kinsman on his podcast Andrew Talks to Chefs.
World's 50 Best Recovery Fund
World's 50 Best Restaurants Launches Recovery Fund
The organisation behind the prestigious restaurant list has today launched a three-pronged approach to support, inform and connect the restaurant industry around the globe in the coming months, including offering financial relief.
Andrew Friedman interview Kat kinsman
Andrew Talks to Chefs: Special Report #16 - Amanda Cohen
Andrew Talks to Chefs: Special Report #16 Amanda Cohen
Andrew friedman interview jeff gordinier hugh acheson
Andrew Talks to Chefs: Special Report #23 - Jeff Gordinier & Hugh Acheson
Andrew Talks to Chefs: Andrew Friedman continues his Special Report on the coronavirus pandemic podcast with Jeff Gordinier and Hugh Acheson
Dutch Restaurant Tests Glasshouse Solution for Physical Distancing
Dutch art centre Mediamatic tests a pop-up restaurant with glasshouse for two as a solution to social distancing.
Coronavirus Survey Diners
When Will You Go Back to Restaurants? Take Our Survey for Diners
We want to know how lockdown has affected your cooking habits, what you miss most about restaurants, how quickly you plan to dine out again, and what you expect from restaurants when lockdowns are lifted. Please take this short, anonymous survey.
Coronavirus Survey Chef
What’s the Future for Restaurants? Take Our Survey for Chefs
What are the impacts of the lockdown on your restaurant? What are your predictions for the future? And what lessons have been learned during this period? Please take this short, anonymous survey.
Andrew Friedman interview darren underway
Andrew Talks to Chefs: Special Report #30 Darren Underway and The Stay-Put Cookbook
Andrew Friedman speaks to Darren Underway in #30 of his Special Reports on Andrew Talks to Chefs podcast.
Vaughn Tan interview
Vaughn Tan: The Smart Thinking That Could Save Restaurants
Vaughn Tan shines a light on how restaurants can adapt to survive and sustain themselves in a new culinary landscape shaped by the coronavirus pandemic.
Blood n Guts livestream 
Join over 40 Big Names in Gastronomy for The Blood n’Guts Livestream
Join a host of some of the biggest names in gastronomy as they discuss "The Power of Food" in a live stream event on 4th and 5th of May from 11am to 7pm GMT +1. Find out who's speaking and how to watch here.
Massimo Bottura Food Delivery: Meal Kits
Massimo Bottura Launches New Food Delivery Kits
The Italian chef is launching a food delivery service, offering diners the chance to cook up some of Franceschetta 58's most famous dishes. Bottura burger anyone?
Will Guidara
Will Guidara Serves Up Weekly Specials
Will Guidara is back with Weekly Specials, a healthy serving of inspirational stories from across the restaurant industry.
Christophe Bacquié
Christophe Bacquié Pivots to Private Chef Service
The three Michelin starred French chef from Le Castellet is offering to cook a four-course menu in customer's homes while his restaurant is shut. Find out the menu.
restaurant window
How Cities are Planning to Manage Restaurants Reopening
As cities prepare to relax coronavirus restrictions and return to economic activity, how will it affect the hospitality industry?
Raymond Blanc
Chef Raymond Blanc Challenges Insurer Over ‘Contagious Disease’ Cover
Legendary French chef Raymond Blanc, 70, is the chef patron at Brasserie Bar Co. and has closed all 37 of his bars and restaurants in the UK due to the coronavirus crisis.
Sold out maps
Which foods sold out first where you live?
As the coronavirus hit every country around the world, panic buying ensued. But which foods and products sold out first in supermarkets?
Bord för en
Table for One? A One Table Restaurant Opens in a Field in Sweden
As social distancing measures come into play in all walks of life, here's one couple's ingenious response to getting away from it all. Opening a table for one restaurant, in the middle of an open field serving breakfast, lunch and dinner by a basket and pulley system.
Chefs put Health and Safety First
Chefs in Atlanta put Safety Ahead of Service
Dozens of chefs and restaurateurs in Atlanta say it's too soon to re-open their restaurants for dine-in service in an effort to safeguard the health of both customers or staff.
Pivotal Points Portugal Delivery
Creativity is the key to Portugal’s restaurant lockdown
Amid the global coronavirus crisis, the restaurant industry is feeling the pinch. A bleak study published by J.P. Morgan has warned that most restaurants can only survive around 16 days without income.
Michelin Star Chef Recipes
13 Michelin Chefs Share Recipes for Home Cooks
Michelin Guide is releasing a daily homemade recipe from a slew of Michelin chefs around the globe, like Gordon Ramsay, Clare Smyth, Alex Atala and Vicky Lau and many more. From starters to mains and desserts, have a go at building your own Michelin starred menu today!
Alain Ducasse
Alain Ducasse says it's Safer to Eat in Restaurants than at Home
Michelin star chef Alain Ducasse says it's safer to eat in restaurants where chefs are trained in food safety than at home.
Chef Cooking HAppy
Alternative Free Online Courses for Chefs
Free online course for upskilling and learning new skills that can make chefs more employable after the lockdown.
Gwendal Poullennec Michelin Guide 2021
Director of Michelin Speaks to Chefs and Restaurants around the world
In a message of solidarity, Gwendal Poullennec announces the guide's "Digital First" strategy as well as a fair and consistent selection process for 2021.
Sold out products during corona virus
What Foods Sold Out First in Different Countries?
Tea, canned fish or peanut butter? Check out our definitive guide to 18 countries mapped, and the food that sold out of first in your country during the coronavirus pandemic.
Bottles wine selling cellar
Why Fine Dining Restaurants are Pivoting to Wine Sales
Find out how restaurants are selling up their wine cellars in a bid to boost revenue quickly plus news of a new app allowing users to search wine delivery in 23 cities.
Online learning
5 Free Online Cooking Classes for Chefs
Five free online cooking classes to upskill your techniques and improve your knowledge. A perfect distraction during the lockdown.
Cristina Reni Food For Soul
Saving Souls: Massimo Bottura’s Community Kitchens Live On in Lockdown
Cristina Reni, executive director of Food for Soul, on how the social organisation has pivoted to feed thousands of vulnerable people during the coronavirus lockdowns.
Andrew Friedman interview
Andrew Talks to Chefs – the lockdown listening we all need right now
Andrew Friedman is a writer and broadcaster whose ‘Andrew Talks to Chefs’ podcast series is the lockdown companion we all need right now.
Shepherd's pie
The Most Popular Quarantine Recipes Around The World
Pinterest has released the most searched recipes on their platform during the coronavirus crisis
Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash
Italian Pizzaioli Campaign for the Right to Deliver
Some of Italy's best-known pizzaiolo, like Gino Sorbillo, are petitioning against the strict ban on food delivery in the Campania region of Italy. We spoke to them to find out more about the impact of the coronavirus safety measures now and in the future.
Jeremy Chan Interview Corona Virus
Jeremy Chan on Redefining Sustainability in Restaurants
The chef of Ikoyi in London shares his thoughts on the coronavirus emergency and how we must redefine what it means to be a sustainable, successful restaurant.
Noma Secures Funding to Help Former Employees
Chef René Redzepi has secured the funding to secure the future of his Noma restaurant, at least for the year 2020 and has some leftover to help former employees.
David Kinch
David Kinch Raises Funds for Workers with New Restaurant Documentary
The US chef from three Michelin starred Manresa is raising funds for a workers relief programme by charging a rental fee for his new documentary, A Chef’s Voyage.
weinar for chef
Useful Free Webinars for Chefs on Lockdown
Use your time on lockdown to catch up on some online webinars, useful resources for chefs and restauranteurs.
Chef Enrico Cerea
Enrico Cerea: Volunteer Cooking Has Allowed Me to Give Back
The three-Michelin-starred Italian chef from Da Vittorio restaurant shares his joy in being able to nourish those at the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in Bergamo, Italy.
chef spain unmask daremos la casa
Adrià, Berasategui and Roca unmask to call for action to save Spain’s restaurants
Adrià, Berasategui and Roca join Spain's top chefs to call for action to save the countries collapsing hospitality industry.
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Noma Launches Restaurant Vouchers
Always wanted to eat at Noma but never managed to snag a table? With Noma's new prepayment vouchers you can secure a table for season ahead before reservations open to the general public. Find out how.
Camilla Marcus
Camilla Marcus is Fighting for the Survival of NYC's Independent Restaurants
Camilla Marcus is the owner of West~bourne in SoHo in NYC and founder of a NYC coalition lobbying the government for relief for independent restaurants as the coronavirus pandemic threatens their future.
Restaurants lockdown due to coronavirus
Can Insurance be made to cover the cost of Coronavirus?
With the insurance industry reluctant to cover the costs of coronavirus for restaurants how will it all playout?
Daniel Humm: "Our industry now hangs on a thread"
Not even chef Daniel Humm is immune to the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Here he reflects on what the future holds for fine dining and society.
Ana Ros Team Interview
Ana Roš: Living in Lockdown with Her Team
Chef Ana Roš shares the highs and lows of being in an extraordinary group lockdown situation with her family and over 30 of her staff members.
Doomsday Dinner Party
A Doomsday Dinner Party for The Strangest of Times
A Doomsday Dinner Party gives guests the chance to make the most of their takeout from Ardyn restaurant in New York, during the coronavirus crisis.
Brazil Chef Corona Virus
Brazil's Chefs Unite to Defend Their Industry
United they stand, divided they will fall: in a coordinated action, the likes of which has never been seen before in Brazil, the country’s chefs and restaurant owners have come together to succesfully pressure their government to provide emergency aid to the hospitality industry.
Wagyu beef
Calls to Distribute Wagyu Beef Coupons in Japan
Japanese are being encouraged to eat more wagyu after restaurant closures and overproduction see wagyu stocks rise and prices plummet!
Save America Restaurant Letter
Sign the Letter to Help Save America's Restaurants
The Independent Restaurant Coalition is petitioning the US Congress to save the country's restaurant industry.
Andrew Wong and Mukta Das
Down and Out in Paris, London and Elsewhere: Chinese Food Businesses During a Global Health Crisis
Chef Andrew Wong and Dr Mukta Das reflect on the history of misinformation and racialised views surrounding Chinese food and how the coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating the problems.
Chefs Answer: What's Going To Happen to My Favorite Restaurant?
What's Going To Happen to My Favorite Restaurant? Chef Massimo Bottura, Chef Amanda Cohen, Chef Kwame Onwuachi in Conversation with Esquire’s Jeff Gordinier
america food found
Leonardo di Caprio Launches America's Food Fund
As chefs like José Andrés man the front line feeding those most in need during the coronavirus pandemic, their plight has been heard by some
A collection of content for chefs, cooks and restaurant owners.
Alvaro Clavijo Shelter
Álvaro Clavijo Cooks Up an Idea to Help People, Producers and His Team
The Colombian chef from El Chato in Bogota has worked out how to help people and make money to support his staff. Find out how.
Keller, Boulud, Puck, Jean-Georges, Bocuse, and Crenn go BIG to Take On Insurance
Top chefs form BIG, the Business Insurance Group to take on the insurance industry and make them pay up for the coronavirus crisis.
Jose Andres
Spanish Chefs Join Jose Andres to Feed People in Need
Humanitarian chef Jose Andres's relief efforts are gathering momentum in Spain, one of the countries currently hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, as more Spanish chefs join his cause.
Soigne Hospitality Team
Chef Gavin Kaysen Launches a New Foundation to Take Care of his Team
US chef Gavin Kaysen is raising funds for his team and their families with a new non-profit "Heart of the House Foundation."
Mark Moriarty Column
Mark Moriarty: "This Will Present Numerous New Opportunities"
Pivotal Points: a look at the cultural, social, habitual and economical pivots taking place across Ireland as chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, and fishermen evolve to answer new demands amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Advice for Restaurants When They Reopen
Bo Peabody of restaurant reservation platform Seated shares some advice for restaurants during the coronavirus crisis
Thomas Keller
Why Thomas Keller is Suing His Insurance Company
Chef Thomas Keller is suing his insurance company for the loss of earnings during the cornavirus crisis.
restaurant closed
Yelp Launches Fundraisers without Restaurants' Permission
Restaurant review platform Yelp drew the ire of restaurateurs when they partnered with GoFundMe to create fundraisers for restaurants without their permission.
Ferran Adria
Ferran Adrià: How Chefs Should Respond to The Coronavirus Crisis
The icon of contemporary gastronomy speaks about the coronavirus outbreak in Spain and how restaurants now, more than ever, need to rethink their business models.
Rasmus Munk
Rasmus Munk Serves up JunkFood Initiative for Copenhagen's Homeless
Alchemists's chef Rasmus Munk is serving food to the homeless of Copenhagen through the JunkFood organisation
Chefs Pay Tribute to Floyd Cardoz: an Extraordinary Ambassador of Indian Cuisine
Chef Floyd Cardoz, who combined regional Indian cuisine with American and French flavours passed away due to complications due to coronavirus, he was 59.
Thomas Keller
Keller, Meyer and Dayton Talk Coronavirus on The Boss Files Podcast
Chef Thomas Keller, Danny Meyer and Eric Dayton open up about the challenges they've faced during the coronavirus outbreak and what people can do to weather the storm.
Olmsted staff
Galvanizing the Industry: Olmsted Opens as Community Food Bank
The New York Hospitality Coalition is forming a community from the fractured service industry to try and chart a way out of the coronavirus crisis together.
Chef Jorge Vallejo
Chef Jorge Vallejo connects the dots in Mexico with #MeteCanasta
Quintonil's Chef Jorge Vallejo has started an initiative #MeteCanasta to connect farmers and customers during the coronavirus crisis in Mexico.
Empty Restaurant
Restaurants are the heart and soul of America: Is the American Dream in Jeopardy?
Paul Sorgule reflects on the crisis facing small business and the hospitality industry from the coronavirus crisis and asks: Is the American Dream in Jeopardy?
food box delivery
Dining at a Distance: a Definitive Listing of Restaurants Doing Takeout
Dining at a Distance provides a comprehensive listing of restaurants doing delivery and takeout service during the coronavirus crisis.
Rage Baking
Rage Baking: Enacting Change Through the Power of Flour
We spoke to rage bakers Kathy Gunst and Katherine Alford about their new book and the powerful role of baking in politics, history and women's lives.
Phone call
Seated Launches Advice Hotline for Restaurants
Business advice hotline by Seated can help restaurateurs navigate the choppy waters of the coronavirus crisis.
Italian Cashier Coronavirus
Supermarket Cashiers, the Food Heroes on the Front Line
In Lombardy, northern Italy, supermarket workers risk everything to ensure people have enough to eat.
Chef Ferran Adria
Ferran Adriá cooks with us through Coronavirus
Chef Ferran Adria is helping us through coronavirus crisis with a cooking course on twitter with recipes and tips for cooking in an emergency.
Dominique Crenn
Dominique Crenn: "We Need Help."
The three-Michelin starred chef from Atelier Crenn talks about the impact of the coronavirus on her San Francisco restaurants and how she's helping the community.
Restaurants closed
James Beard Foundation Survey Reveals US Restaurant Industry will Need $92 Billion
The James Beard Foundation has released the results of an online survey providing a snapshot of the impact of coronavirus on the restaurant industry.
Sean Brock Cooking Lessons
Sean Brock Launches One-on-One Virtual Cooking Classes
Sean Brock has launched a unique idea to generate money for his staff wages, the chef will offer personal cooking classes online.
Gwendal Poullennec
Michelin Director: "I will work to defend gastronomy with everything that I have."
The international director of the Michelin Guides sends a message of hope and solidarity to chefs and restaurateurs around the world on behalf of the Michelin team.
Tom Colicchio
Tom Colicchio: "It’s exposing our system... if we’re lucky 25% of the restaurants will stay open"
Top Chef host Tom Colicchio thinks that as many of 75% of restaurants may not survive the coronavirus crisis.
Closed Restaurant
How You Can Help: A list of Funds for US Crews and Restaurants
Restaurants and non-profits across the US are raising funds to help those affected by restaurant and bar closures as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Find out how you can help.
Join the New York Coalition Campaigning for Disaster Relief for Restaurants
Sign the petition by New York Hospitality Coalition for NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo to suspend sales tax until the State of Emergency ends.
restaurant closed
Landlord Tells Restaurants to Pay Staff Instead of Rent
An Arkansas landlord has told restaurants in its properties to pay staff rather than rent during coronavirus outbreak.
We're in This Together: Tock Rolls Out Platform to Help Restaurants Pivot to Delivery
Online reservations platform, Tock is helping restaurants pivot to delivery to get through the coronavirus pandemic.
Chefs Launch Petition to ‘Save America’s Restaurants’
American Chefs have created a petition to implore with government officials to take the necessary measures t save the restaurant industry form the coronavirus pandemic.
Michelin Starred Dining
U.S Michelin-Starred Restaurants Offering Take Out or Delivery
Restaurants across the US are pivoting to take out or delivery as customers are forced into self-isolation. Here are some of the Michelin starred options in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Washington and San Francisco, when the long nights call for something special!
White House
Chef Writes Letter to The U.S President: "This Industry Needs Help"
Chef Paul Sorgule pens an open letter to the President of the United States urging him to act to save the restaurant industry.
coronavirus closed
Resources and Funds for Restaurant Workers in The U.S
Resources and aid programs for restaurant workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the US
James Beard Foundation Webinar
James Beard Foundation Launches Covid 19 and Industry Webinar
The James Beard Foundation are supporting US chefs and restaurateurs with regular free webinars addressing relief and advocacy during the coronavirus pandemic.
Little Spain
Chef José Andrés Pivots with Community Kitchens
Once again the humanitarian chef steps up with food relief for those who need it most, seconding his own restaurant in NYC and Washington DC. See the details.
Enrico Bartolini and Team
Milan Keeps on Cooking as over 40 Italian Chefs Share Video Recipes Online
Italian chefs and pizza makers launch a campaign to keep cooking alive in the city of Milan sharing video recipes online as their restaurants and pizzerias are forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic.
World Central Kitchen chefs
Nate Mook: "With Coronavirus, chefs have a central role to play"
Nate Mook, CEO of World Central Kitchen, on how food is a question that can't be ignored when it comes to coronavirus.
Restaurants closed
United by a Sense of Responsibility: Why Italian Chefs are Choosing to Close
Italian chefs are taking extraordinary measures to respect and protect their staff and customers amid the coronavirus outbreak. Find out more.