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Coronavirus News

Chef tasting food
FDL+ Covid Taste-Loss: Yale Researcher Stumbles upon Potential Cure
A researcher at Yale University has stumbled upon an existing drug that could represent a potential cure for Covid loss of taste and smell. Find out more.
Washington DC
RRF Looks Dead in the Water as Senate Blocks Motion
The Senate has blocked a motion to consider a $48 billion aid package for restaurants and other small businesses. Find out more.
51 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Restaurant chairs stacked on top of each other
NRA Says 20% of US Restaurants Face Closure
The National Restaurant Association urges Congress to pass the RRF replenishment, claiming 20% of all US restaurants face closure. Find out more.
The House of Congress at night
Congress Closes Door on Restaurant Revitalization Fund
In the US, Congress has dashed hopes of a re-up for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. Read on to find out more.
Ye Old Fighting Cocks front door.
Covid Calls Time on Britain’s Oldest Pub, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks
Britain's oldest pub Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St Albans, Hertfordshire closes after 13 centuries due to pandemic effects.
covid restaurant
Delta Forces Restaurants to Close Dining Rooms
Restaurant sales have been hit in the US, and dining rooms are being forced to close as the virulent Delta variant surges. Find out more.
Joe Biden
President Biden Says Restaurants Need to Pay Staff More
President Biden has said that he believes restaurants will have to pay their workers more in order to incentivise them to return to work. Read the full story.
Alinea Brigade_Courtesy of Grant Achatz
FDL+ Restaurants and the Pandemic: A Defining Era in Food
As a global pandemic took hold, restaurants and chefs responded in some of the most creative and community-minded ways. Take a look at some of the past months' most memorable highlights.
Closed sign in window
Lunch is off the Menu at Michelin Restaurant Due to Staff Shortages
Lunch is now off the menu at a historical London restaurant, Pied a Terre, as the founder protects a depleted workforce, and they are not alone. Find out more.
Restaurant Critic Rayner Calls on Customers to Pay More
Restaurant critic Jay Rayner has called for customers to support the hospitality industry by paying a fairer price. But is he right?