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City Tasting Tour

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Istria: Where family-run local producers feed fine dining
Generations of family-run producers are nurturing the gastronomic wealth of this picturesque region of Croatia, with a little help from their chef friends. Find out where to stop off for some of the best cheese, olive oil, truffles and more.
Rio de Janeiro tasting tour
Rio de Janeiro: a city tasting tour
In the last three years the Brazilian city has been rising its culinary potential: discover our selection of the best food spots to visit in Rio if you're a real foodie!
Hong Kong
Hong Kong City Tasting Tour with Chef Vicky Cheng
Ahead of the upcoming Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Awards, we ask chef Vicky Cheng for his pick of the best places to eat in Hong Kong.
City Tasting Tour: Top Restaurants in Philadelphia
Here's a selection of some of the top restaurants in Philadelphia, from classic Philly food to modern Israeli, cheesesteaks to breakfasts and brunches.
Restaurants in Washington D.C: A City Tasting Tour
Take a look at some of the best restaurants in Washington D.C.: from molecular gastronomy to refined American tapas, enjoy some amazing dining experience.
Fiji Islands: A Tasting Tour
Need a sunny getaway to relax? Made up of a number of islands, Fiji features a range of dining options: discover culinary delights and gourmet places to try.
Brooklyn Tasting Tour: The Best Food in Brooklyn Right Now
Get ready for some of the best food in Brooklyn with this round up of must taste places. It's time to leave Manhattan in search of delicious.
Zurich, Switzerland: a City Tasting Tour with Daniel Humm
Heading to Zurich? Here's a guide to places to eat and drink in Zurich from chef Daniel Humm of 'Eleven Madison Park', New York.
Tbilisi, Georgia: a City Tasting Tour
Here are our top tips for discovering the dining scene in Tbilisi: including a selection of restaurants offering an authentic taste of Georgian cuisine.
Tirana, Albania: a City Tasting Tour
A selection of typical meals, low cost fine dining and great cocktail bars: don't miss this list of places where to eat in the Albanian capital.