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Sollip's gamtae sandwich.

Sollip's gamtae sandwich

Looking for a Korean-inspired canape recipe? This snack from London's Michelin-starred Sollip restaurant combines gamtae seaweed with strong Cheddar cheese and is the perfect appetiser. 

21 February, 2023
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serves for



4 slices, sliced thin (or a square white loaf)
Gamtae seaweed
10 sheets, replaceable with kim/gim (more typical seaweed)
Cultured butter
100g/3.5oz, strong and mature (e.g. Duckett’s Caerphilly)


Step 01

Bring butter to room temperature.

Step 02

Cut 7 of the gamtae sheets to match the shape of your bread, save and chop the trimmings finely or use a blender/food processor if available. The remainder cut to the same width and double the length of your bread.

Step 03

Fold the trimmed seaweed through the butter till all clumps are gone and there is a uniform light green colour.

Step 04

Using a strong knife, slice through the cheese to match the bread, trimming off the rind and any excess to match the shape of the bread and gamtae.

Step 05

Spread a thin layer of gamtae butter onto one side of both slices of brioche and lay the gamtae sheets on both, top with one slice of cheese and assemble.

Step 06

Brown both sides in a medium-high pan with oil and pop in a preheated oven on 180°C/356° fan. Remove when the edges are gooey and wrap with the remaining gamtae.

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