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Côté de thon rouge

Side of Bluefin Tuna

Looking for a Mediterranean influenced seafood recipe? Discover this iconic dish from the Langosteria Group. 

09 September, 2022
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serves for



Red tuna
700 g, with bone
Gold potatoes
100 g
10 g, dehydrated
5 g, desalinated, Cantabrian
20 g, marinated
Extra virgin olive oil
500 ml
1 g
100 g, fresh
Dried oregano
20 g
2 cloves
180 g
40 g, zest
Chili pepper
10 g
Oil for frying
250 ml

With its seafood and Mediterranean-influenced menu, the iconic Langosteria Group recipe gives pride of place to tuna. Founded by Enrico Buonocore in 2007, the group has five renowned establishments located between Milan and Portofino, as well as a Parisian address, located on the rooftop Hôtel le Cheval Blanc.

Follow the steps in the recipe below to make side of Bluefin tuna at home. Discover also the recipe for spaghetti with bottarga with raw prawns and lime.

Step 01

When slicing the tuna, keep the middle part with the bone in. Leave it out of the fridge for at least 1 hour before cooking.

Step 02

For the fries: cut the potatoes into matchsticks, rinse them under running water, then fry in peanut oil at 170 degrees, until golden brown. Drain them, dry them and salt to taste.

Step 03

Clean, wash and dry the salad thoroughly, mix it with the carrots previously marinated in a vinegar solution, add the chopped anchovies, dehydrated capers, salt and season with extra virgin olive oil.

Step 04

For the tuna steak seasoning: prepare the fragrant oil by chopping the parsley, adding the hydrated oregano and mixing them with the ingredients listed above, cover with seed oil and extra virgin olive oil, and allow to rest for 24 hours.

Step 05

Cook the tuna steak on a robata grill for about 10 minutes, checking that the inside remains red without overcooking. Once ready, place it in a dish, season it with fleur de sel and scented oil.



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