Spaghetti Pizza Margherita

Spaghetti Pizza Margherita

Spaghetti Pizza Margherita

An exclusive spaghetti recipe prepared by chef Davide Scabin: 'Spaghetti Pizza Margherita', an iconic Italian dish made at 'Live From Milan' at Fuorisalone.

10 April, 2014
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serves for


total time

2 HR 0 MIN


1 l
0,8 g
150 g, Monograno Felicetti
2 each, under oil
A tuft
Mozzarella broth
60 g
Black fried spaghetti
Confit tomatoes
2 each
Green oil
Chili oil
Smoked provola
2 slices
taggiasca olives
2 each
8 each, datterino variety, seared and peeled
Pachino Tomatoes
2 each, ripe
5 g
Extra-virgin olive oil
10 + 5 g
1 g, fine
Lemon zest
1 g, grated
1 g
White pepper


Cut in half the plum tomatoes and place them on a tray.

Dress with 10 grams of oil, sugar and two grinds of white pepper.

Bake at 150 °C for an hour and a half. Take out the seeds from the Pachino tomatoes, trying to keep them as gelatinous as possible.

Blend the rest to keep the juice. Put the tomatoes in a small pot with 5 grams of oil, butter and some of the plum tomatoes. cook medium-high for a minute.

Stop and add the tomato seeds, lemon zest, tomato juice, and use the minipimer to blend everything together. Cook the pasta for 9 minutes and then add the tomatoes, cook for another minute or two.

Garnish the plate with the confit, the olives, some anchovies, basil, smoked provola and a touch of black spaghetti.

Pour the mozzarella broth just enough to cover the empty spaces, add a drop of chili and green oil, to finish add the spaghetti.

a close-up of Davide Scabin

Davide Scabin

Davide Scabin is one of the of the most inventive Italian chefs and a pioneer who started a new chapter in the Italian modern cuisine scene, showing that the


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