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A glass of fresh Bahama mama cocktail.

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Bahama Mama

The Bahama Mama is a classic old tropical cocktail that has been enjoyed for many years, with variations and tweaks made to the recipe along the way. Most bartenders and recipe books have made minor changes, such as eliminating the quarter ounce of coffee liqueur that was traditionally included. However, this recipe is the original version, as far as can be determined. It blends the flavours of pineapple juice, coconut, and a touch of coffee with two types of rum to create a refreshing and fruity cocktail.

The unique addition of coffee liqueur adds a rich, almost chocolatey note that is subtle and enhances the overall flavour of the drink without overpowering it. The result is a delicious and balanced cocktail, perfect for sipping on a warm day. Served over ice in a hurricane glass and garnished with a pineapple wedge and a cherry, the Bahama Mama is a classic tropical cocktail that will transport you to an island paradise.

24 February, 2023
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serves for



Dark rum
1oz (30ml)
Light rum
1oz (30ml)
Coconut liqueur
1/2oz (15ml)
1/2oz (15ml)
Pineapple juice
2oz (60ml)
Orange juice
2oz (60ml)
1/2oz (15ml)
Pineapple wedge and cherry
For garnish


Step 01

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. If you don't have a cocktail shaker, you can use a large glass and a long spoon to stir the ingredients together.

Step 02

Add the dark rum, light rum, coconut liqueur, Kahlua, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine syrup.

Step 03

Shake well until the ingredients are thoroughly combined and chilled.

Step 04

Strain the mixture into a hurricane glass filled with ice.

Step 05

Garnish with a pineapple wedge and a cherry on a toothpick. Serve and enjoy.

Tips for making the perfect Bahama Mama cocktail 

Here are some tips to help you make the perfect Bahama Mama cocktail:

  • Since this cocktail is all about the combination of flavours, it's important to use high-quality ingredients to ensure the best taste. Opt for fresh-squeezed orange juice and pineapple juice, and choose premium rum and liqueur brands.
  • Before you begin making your cocktail, place your hurricane glass in the freezer to chill for a few minutes to keep your drink colder for longer and ensure that the flavours are at their best.
  • The Bahama Mama is best made by shaking the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker. This helps to fully blend the flavours and gives the cocktail a nice frothy texture.
  • The classic garnish for the Bahama Mama is a pineapple wedge and cherry, but you can also add other fresh fruits like orange slices, strawberries, or kiwi for a colourful and flavourful presentation.
  • Depending on your taste preferences, you can adjust the sweetness of the cocktail by adding more or less grenadine syrup. Keep in mind that this ingredient also adds some colour to the cocktail, so adjust it accordingly.
  • The Bahama Mama is a versatile cocktail that can be adjusted to suit your taste preferences. Try adding different flavours like mango or passion fruit juice, or experiment with different types of rum or liqueurs.

How to serve it

  • The Bahama Mama is traditionally served in a hurricane glass – a tall glass with a curvy shape – perfect for showing off the colourful layers of the cocktail.
  • To keep the cocktail cold, it's a good idea to chill the hurricane glass in the freezer for a few minutes before serving. Fill the glass with ice before pouring in the cocktail to keep it cool and refreshing.
  • The classic garnish for a Bahama Mama is a pineapple wedge and cherry, which adds a pop of colour and a tropical touch to the cocktail. You can add other fresh fruits like orange slices, kiwi, or strawberries to make it more visually appealing.
  • A straw is a must for sipping on a Bahama Mama, as it helps to mix the flavours and keeps the cocktail cool.
  • The Bahama Mama is a cocktail that's meant to be enjoyed slowly, so encourage your guests to savour each sip and enjoy the tropical flavours.

By following these steps, you can create a visually stunning and delicious Bahama Mama cocktail that's perfect for sipping on a warm day or at a summer party.

If you're a fan of pineapple juice in your cocktails, check out our article '15 tasty pineapple juice cocktails' for more recipe ideas. From the classic piña colada to the tangy pineapple margarita, there's a drink for every taste and occasion. With creativity and the right ingredients, you can create a tropical paradise in your home. 


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