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MIso Soup

Miso soup

Asian aromas and a medley of different textures: here’s the recipe for home-made miso soup explained step by step


28 January, 2013
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total time

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Miso Paste
2 tbsp, paste
Miso Paste
2 spoons
2 spoons
200 g
Sesame Oil
Sesame seeds


Miso soup is an essential element of Japanese meals, even at breakfast time. Miso paste, which is used to prepare this soup, is made from fermented soybeans. Wakame algae also contribute to the typical umami taste of this soup and counterbalance the vegetables and tofu beautifully with their brackish flavour. All of which is topped by the crunchy texture of sesame and chives. Here below, you can follow the various steps of the recipe.  

Step 01

Cut the carrots Cut the spring onions



Peel the carrots. Top and tail the carrots and cut into lozenge shapes. Remove the root of the spring onions and cut them into diagonal slices.  

Step 02

Vegetables in the pan Add water to the vegetables

Place the vegetables in a pan with a little sesame oil and gently fry them. Then cover the veg with water and cook for a further 10 minutes. 

Step 03

Miso dissolved in water Add the algae to the soup

Take a small amount of liquid from the vegetables and put it into a dish. Add the miso paste and dissolve it. Transfer the miso paste mixture to the vegetable stock and stir. Serve the miso soup in small bowls, add the tofu and the squeezed algae. Garnish with sesame seeds and chopped chives. 

Step 04

miso soup

Useful tips and interesting facts

Miso soup is an authentic comfort food. Eaten hot before a meal, it facilitates digestion and prepares the palate for the next courses. If you like, you may enrich your soup with daikon or boiled rice.  




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