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Holly Garrad Cole
Holly Garrad Cole

Holly Cole

Based in Milan, with one foot in Piedmont, Holly is an all-round food enthusiast with a soft spot for Nebbiolo and all things truffle.

Following a brief stint in London’s wine industry, she diversified into quality and ethical auditing, witnessing commercial food production close up, from family run organic rice farms in northern Italy to the inner workings of London’s biggest sandwich factory.

In between, she’s rolled up her sleeves and gone back to the fields, volunteering on a cacao farm in Costa Rica, picking apples in Australia, packing strawberries in Kent and milking cows in Israel.

She has also hit the books, taking two years out to consolidate her knowledge studying an MSc in Food Identity. From the scientific tasting of charcuterie and coffee in Italy to churning Reblochon cheese in the Haute-Savoie, reporting on organic milk innovation in the UK and studying the Economics of Agriculture in Romania, food production took on an artisanal and local flavour.

With a fine-tuned food knowledge and a thirst for the stories behind it, from the people growing it to the people preparing it, her path naturally led her to the current editorial role at Fine Dining Lovers where she’s always on the lookout for the unsung heroes of the food world plus the best lasagne.


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