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Cook Like a Top Chef at the Push of a Button

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Cook Like a Top Chef at the Push of a Button

Microwaved ready meals move aside, the time has come for haute cuisine at the touch of a button.

Yes, that’s right. home amateur chefs can now cook up ‘vacuum sealed parcels of food’ and turn them into gourmet looking dishes at home. With a little help from ChefCuisine and top female French chef Anne-Sophie Pic you should end up with dishes resembling these:

The pioneering ChefCuisine has already set hairs running in the industry, and with culinary heavyweight, triple starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic at the helm, along with Swiss entrepreneur Jonathan Pennella, they look set to be a force to be reckoned with. In an interview with Le Tribune de Geneve, Pic, has already defended accusations of destroying a nation's cooking skills saying said that gastronomy 'must adapt to our constantly changing way of life'.

How does it Work?

Pic has designed three ranges of thirty gourmet dishes of fresh food that are delivered to your door in vacuum sealed packages (which includes a microchip) within 24 hours notice. The sachets are simply immersed into the water filled machine, the lid closed, and at the touch of a button (which is pre-programmed by the chip) the ChefCuisine determines how long and at what temperature the dish should be cooked.

Take a look at the simple process of loading up the machine, remarkably similar to loading a capsule coffee machine:

Plating up is taken very seriously with handy guides and additional equipment to ensure the presentation is achieved on the plate.

Watch as a seasoned piece of beef is plated up:

The Menu: 3 Ranges, 30 Dishes

Pic's three tier range is based on price and sophistication, from daily to 'Signature' creations, which will be refreshed depending on the season. Each range comes with its own menu card to choose from a starter and a main course. 

Choices include: Foie gras with lemon confit (€12), beef fillet with soya honey, mungo beans and ginger and crunchy vegetables (€16) and scallops Saint-Jacques with a velouté of lentils and soft spices. (€16)

Every sachet can be stored for 7 to 14 days.

And the price tag? 199 euros the ChefCuisine and between 5 and 60 euros for every dish.

ChefCuisine can be bought through the website.

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