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Bonappetour Goes Mobile with App

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Bonappetour Goes Mobile with App
Photo Bonappetour

Bonappetour, the home dining platform looking to become the Airbnb for food will launch a mobile app in July, the Singapore–based start-up has announced. The platform, which until now has been purely web-based, allows strangers to come together over food in over 80 world cities. Guests eat home–cooked meals for a 15% service fee on top of whatever the host decides to charge for the meal experience, which can include sit–down meals, cooking classes, and BBQs.

Next Step

A recent successful round of funding worth £500,000 according to Tech in Asia, has allowed Bonappetour to take the next step to becoming the Airbnb for food. The mobile app will be released on 25 July, upping the convenience for the hungry traveller. Like Airbnb, guests and hosts review each other.

Authentic Experience

Bonappetour claims it has achieved 40% growth in guest and host numbers over the last six months. The best way to discover a destination is often through its food and with many people looking for the authentic food experience in an unfamiliar city this may be the perfect solution – Bonappetour's most popular destinations currently are Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Tokyo. Watch the video below to find out a little more about how it works.

Check out PlaceInvaders, the travelling pop-up restaurant that is taking the concept that little bit further in the US by holding dinner parties in strangers’ homes.

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