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There's A Croissant Museum in Poland!

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There's A Croissant Museum in Poland!
Photo Polksa via Thrilist

If you are addicted to flaky, buttery croissants then Poland is waiting to welcome you with open arms. That's because the country is now home to a museum dedicated to all things croissant.

The croissant museum is located in the town of Poznan as an ode to a local specialty known as rogal świętomarcińki (aka St. Martin's croissant). The glazed croissant is topped with with almonds and has a poppy-seed filling - a delicacy that's been enjoyed in Poland for more than 150 years, Thrillist reports.

Visitors to the Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience will not only will you learn the history behind the famed pastry but also get to sample St. Martin croissants. There are three daily croissant tours given by locals but if you're in the mood for something off the beaten path you can also partake in a 'croissant + goat show.'

For tickets and reservations, visit the museum website.

Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania
Stary Rynek 41/2
61-772 Poznań

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