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Noam Kostucki: 'My Food Represents Me Completely'

14 December, 2020
Noam Kostucki Gender Fluid Chef

Photo Courtesy of Noam Kostucki

For Kostucki, realising their gender fluidity, was like finding the missing piece in a puzzle. It brought on the realisation of how a whole life was spent trying to integrate opposites, and harmonise opposing ideas.

“I always had this concept of the integration of opposites. In my TED talks I covered subjects like how selfish reasons are the best reasons to collaborate, or one was ‘Making Money from Doing Good’. I’ve been doing a lot of work around using technology for spirituality and wellbeing, and then fine-dining in the rustic, wild environment. So when I first started wearing women’s clothes I was afraid that it would hurt my brand until I had the lightbulb moment and I realised that it was another expression of what I’m all about.”

“I never knew that being gender-fluid was a possibility. The younger generation do, but they see it as a clash with the mainstream. They think that if they choose that path that they’re going to be marginalised but it doesn’t have to be. As weird as you are, if you embrace the mainstream, the mainstream can embrace you back and love you.

“Here in Costa Rica, you’d think I would have problems, but people stop me in the street and want to give me clothes. Of course, there is discrimination, but the power is with us.”

A chef putting the finishing touches to a dish.

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