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7 Iconic Dishes at Minibar by José Andrés

29 December, 2018
José Andrés' Inspirational Dishes
José Andrés: ThinkFoodGroup

Dishes at the intimate 12-seat restaurant are created as a result of a deep research and development process where the team is empowered to experiment widely, for as long as it takes, to perfect new ingredients and techniques. It’s how dishes such as snail eggs with tapioca, a fragile pimpkin tart made of frozen pumpkin oil, liquid olives (clearly influenced by his elBulli training) and carbonated mojito spheres come to being. Nothing is quite like it seems at minibar, much to the delight of his diners.

With all that said, take a look at some of the inventive dishes from the chef's’ highly acclaimed restaurant. 


Beet Butterfly 

Rosette of beet, Greek yogurt, mandarin orange, marigold flowers. A savoury, crispy, snack inspired by the use of rosette moulds that are traditionally used in sweet applications. 


Beet Butterfly

Snail Caviar: Fast & Slow

Snail caviar, tapioca pearls, chanterelle mushrooms, rabbit and snail broth with Jamon Iberico gelee. A twist on a classic Spanish pairing of conejo con caracoles, highlighting the snail caviar. 


Snail Caviar, Fast & Slow

Magnolia Cocktail 

Vermut Blanco, housemade magnolia syrup, created by the spherification of magnolia infused vermut blanco cocktail served on a magnolia petal. It highlights the extremely short season of blooming magnolia in DC.


Magnolia Cocktail

Corn BBQ & CornChata 

Crispy chicken skin, hot corn gelee, bbq sauce and corn milk horchata.


Corn BBQ & CornChata

Beeswax Ice Cream

Beeswax infused ice cream and honey, served in a beeswax bowl with beeswax spoon.


Beeswax Ice Cream_2

Coriander Abanico 

Dark chocolate empanada, coriander toffee. A whimsical visual adaptation of an abanico (Spanish hand fan). 


Coriander Abanico_2

Spot Prawn and Nasturtium Leche de Tigre

Santa Barbara spot prawn, leche de tigre sphere, phytoplankton, and nasturtium petals. Visually representing a nasturtium flower, this dish creates a ceviche as the guest eats by breaking the sphere and releasing the acidic leche de tigre sauce to ‘cook’ the spot prawn every so slightly. The nasturtium adds a pepperiness to the dish.


Spot Prawn and Naturtium Leche de Tigre

Check out this video by What Took You So Long for even more minibar goodness. 


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