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world cuisine

World Cuisine

World cuisines offer a great variety in terms of flavors, tastes and combinations. We have selected the top international cuisines that are worth travelling long and far for. Greek, Lebanese, Thai, Spanish and Japanese cuisines are known for the seasonality of the ingredients, the color combinations and the authentic national flavor you can experience when sampling these regional cuisines.

The recipes for Indian, Mexican and Chinese dishes are well known around the world: they were among the first “exotic” cuisines exported outside their native borders and have grown in popularity ever since. Italian and French cuisines are probably the most sought after world dishes, as the former stands for true genuine flavors, while the latter has come to signify refined and sophisticated taste.

Regardless of where your preference lies, each dish is the pure expression of a country’s heritage, geography and culture. And, of course, eating is one of the best parts of any holiday. Discover with us the real soul of these world cuisines.

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