Michelin Chefs Cook

Michelin Chefs Cook
Michelin Chefs Slow Cooking Recipes
Michelin Chefs Show You How to Slow Cook
If you're devoting more time to the kitchen these days, long and slow cooking is where it's at! Marinading, braising and casseroling: find out how in the hands of Daniel Humm, Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay and many more.
Magnus Nilsson Cake
Watch: Michelin Chefs on How to Make Cake
Join Michelin chefs as they roll up their sleeves and get back to baking! From Blumenthal's black forest gateau to Peter Gilmore's chocolate cake, these are the must-try bakes given Michelin starred makeovers.
Croque Monsieur
Michelin Chefs Cook Croque Monsieur
Watch Michelin chefs put their spin on the finest French sandwich, and prepare to be transported straight to a Parisien street side cafe.
Savoury pie recipes
Michelin Chefs Cook: 6 of the Best Sweet and Savoury Pie Recipes
From Michel Roux Jr.'s shepherds pie, Tom Kerridge's spicy pork pie, to Christina Tosi's famous crack pie, find out how to make the perfect sweet and savoury pies with these recipes from Michelin starred chefs.
Michelin chefs salad recipes
6 Gourmet Salad Recipes by Michelin-Starred Chefs
From Jean-Georges Vongerichten's simple shrimp salad, Gordon Ramsay's spicy steak salad, to Thomas Keller's classic caesar and Enrico Crippa's complex 41-ingredient dish, find out how to make 6 different salads with top Michelin-starred chefs.
valentine day food
15 Michelin Chefs Cook Valentine's Day: Best Recipes for Date Night
Recipes for the perfect, romantic Valentine's Day dinner: starters, mains and dessert, the best recipes from Michelin star chefs to help ignite the passion.
Michelin chefs cook takeout foods
Michelin Chefs Cook 6 Classic Takeout Foods
From chicken tikka masala, Chinese fried rice, to a classic cheeseburger and fried chicken, 6 takes by Michelin starred chefs on classic takeout favourites.
Best rhubarb recipes
Michelin Chefs Cook: 5 rhubarb recipes from starred chefs
The latest in our Michelin Chefs Cook series features five recipes with rhubarb including rhubarb crumble, rhubarb compote pancakes, lamb with rhubarb sauce, rhubarb cheesecake and more from top chefs around the world.
Michelin chefs citrus recipes
Michelin Chefs Cook: 5 recipes with citrus
From Gordon Ramsay’s lemon curd dessert pizza to Massimo Bottura’s world famous dessert Oops I dropped the lemon tart, find out how to brighten up more than just a grilled fish with these five recipes from Michelin starred chefs.
Michelin star vegan dishes
Michelin Chefs Cook: 6 vegan recipes for Veganuary
Alexis Gauthier's vegan foie gras, Raymond Blanc's curry, Ramsay's gazpacho and pineapple carpaccio, and more - check out these top chefs' vegan recipes.
Michelin Chefs Cook Party Food
Michelin Chefs Cook: Party food!
Hosting your own party? Send the year off with a big bang with these finger food recipes by Michelin starred chefs. From vegan foie gras, fancy eggs with caviar, to instant-ramen spiked corn, these are the perfect recipes for all your party needs.
Michelin Chefs Cook: 6 winter soups and stews
Blumenthal's mushroom soup, Blanc's perfect beef bourguignon, Ramsay's British beef stew with dumplings - check out these 6 video recipes for winter soups and stews by Michelin starred chefs.