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A plate of cheese crackers.

Zero Waste Recipe: One Minute Parmigiano Rind Crackers by Takahiko Kondo

This simple recipe from sous chef Takahiko Kondo of Osteria Francescana turns Parmigiano rinds into satisfyingly snappy cheese crackers.

The recipe is taken from Why Waste? with chef Massimo Bottura, the exclusive Fine Dining Lovers series dedicated to making food waste delicious.

22 February, 2021
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Parmigiano cheese

Parmigiano-Reggiano rinds are great for adding an umami hit to dishes, but did you know you can eat them too? In this recipe, chef Takahiko 'Taka' Kondo turns them into irresistibly crunchy crackers, the perfect cheesy snack that will also help you reduce your food waste. And he does it all in the microwave. "The trick is you must have a powerful microwave that heats at 800 watts," says Kondo.


Step 01

A rind of cheese being scraped with a knife.

Take the Parmigiano rinds and scrape off the outer layer using a knife.

Step 02

Cheese being chopped into small chunks.

Cut the rinds into small pieces.

Step 03

Chunks of cheese being placed into a microwave. 

Place in the microwave at 800w for around one minute.

Step 04

A plate of cheese crackers.

Remove from the microwave, let cool and serve.



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