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Vegetarian Recipes

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Vegetarian food can be way more delicious than it normally gets credit for. Try our favorite vegetarian recipes for your next dinner party!

Everyone knows vegetables are good for you. It’s ingrained into our brains from a very young age: always eat your veggies. In those times, many of us tried creative ways to avoid eating the vegetables, but most people find that as they get older, they start to enjoy their vegetables more and more. And we’re no exceptions to this rule.

Vegetables have had pride of place in the human diet since time immemorial. Ever since our ancestors were walking around the primeval forests of Africa picking up random plants and plant parts and putting them in their mouths, humans have been eating vegetables. And that brings us to vegetarianism.

It’s not really clear when vegetarianism started. It’s certainly ancient: the fact is for most of history, most people didn’t eat too much meat. It’s just historically been a lot harder to come by, being mostly reserved for the upper crust of societies throughout history. Even in many egalitarian hunter gatherer societies, meat was probably fairly uncommon, or at least amounted to a relatively small portion of the diet. There are many reasons for this, but one big one is pretty simple: vegetables never ran away!

Today, though, vegetarianism is everywhere. With the advent of climate change and the sustainability movement, as well as the animal rights movement, many people have been turning to vegetarianism, or simply reducing the amount of meat that they eat. We’ve assembled some of our favorite vegetarian recipes here for you to try! Read on.

Vegetarian Thai fried rice recipe

This classic fried rice recipe with a Thai style twist is sure to impress. Vegetarian fried rice is just as delicious as its cousin with shrimp and the little cubes of ham, and this one is made special with the addition of Thai spices like ginger and lemongrass. Try this vegetarian Thai fried rice recipe for your next veggie meal!

Vegetarian green bean casserole recipe

It tends to get a bad rap, but there’s no reason that green bean casserole needs to be a sloppy mess. There’s no Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup here: this 100% from scratch vegetarian green bean casserole recipe will have you wondering how you could have been missing out all this time. Rich, crispy on top, and filled with healthy green beans, this recipe is a star both as a side or the main dish.

Savory vegetarian ricotta crepes recipe

One of the challenges of vegetarian cooking is getting the richness that meat usually gives to a dish. This savory vegetarian crepe recipe uses creamy ricotta and plenty of parmesan cheese to get the depth of flavor that it needs. Light, fluffy, crisp in all the right places, these work perfectly as a brunch or dinner item.

Vegetarian eggplant, thyme, and gorgonzola lasagna recipe

This one is an absolute show-stopper. Meaty eggplants pair with slightly funky gorgonzola and fresh thyme to create a really elegant vegetarian lasagna. Cooking the eggplant before allows you to give it a roasted, meaty flavor without overcooking the rest of the ingredients, and the gorgonzola is a stroke of bright light against such a rich backdrop of flavor.

Grilled chickpea veggie burger recipe

Can’t have a list of vegetarian recipes without at least one veggie burger making an appearance! This hearty veggie patty gets its inspiration from the noble falafel, vegetarian mainstay for centuries. Enhanced with hazelnuts and floral coriander, this grilled chickpea veggie burger recipe is perfect for your next barbecue.

Tofu veggie burger with peanut sauce and vegetables recipe

This veggie burger is made with a quirky square of marinated tofu and served with peanut sauce for an Asian twist on a vegetarian classic. Topped with a crunchy and spicy slaw, this Asian-style tofu veggie burger will satisfy vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

Vegetarian burger sandwich recipe

This vegetarian burger patty is made up of finely chopped mixed vegetables bound together by eggs, making it a little bit like a crab cake, only vegetarian. Deep fried and served inside a baguette with tomato, lettuce, and ketchup, this crispy, juicy vegetarian burger sandwich recipe will keep your most discerning guests happy.

Vegetarian Thai style potato curry recipe

Some vegetarian recipes get overloaded by trying to include too many different vegetables, creating a dish with a muddied flavor and texture. But this restrained potato curry doesn’t do that at all: instead, it’s an exercise in refined simplicity and elegance, with the main complexity going into the flavorful coconut milk based sauce, enriched with orange leaves, coriander, lemongrass, and vegetable stock. The key here is making sure your potatoes are perfectly cooked: too little and they will be hard, too much and they’ll fall apart and dissolve into the sauce. This won’t affect the taste, but the texture will suffer. Make this vegetarian Thai style potato curry the next time you want to impress your vegetarian friends!

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