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Roast walnuts: the step by step recipe

Photo: Claudia Concas

Roast Walnuts: A Step-by-Step Recipe

Tips and advice for preparing this quick recipe for roast walnuts.

16 December, 2020
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serves for



200 g
Egg whites

Not only do they make an excellent healthy snack, roast walnuts are also ideal for adding flavour and crunch to your salads and soups. It really is easy to prepare roast walnuts, so long as you know the trick for making them even tastier. Find out by following this step-by-step recipe.

Step 01


Photo: Claudia Concas

Place the egg white in a bowl and whisk it lightly using a fork. The egg white should not be whisked into stiff peaks but should just be of a whitish colour and full of bubbles.

Step 02


Photo: Claudia Concas

Arrange the walnuts on a greaseproof paper-lined oven tray and brush them with egg white.

Step 03


Photo: Claudia Concas

Brush half of the walnuts with paprika and the other half with turmeric. Pop them into the oven preheated to 160°C and roast for 5 minutes, mixing from time to time. Your roast walnuts are now ready to serve.

Useful tips and interesting information

In this recipe, the use of egg white enables the spices to adhere to the roast walnuts. Besides, brushing the walnuts with egg white before roasting confers an attractive gloss that will enhance your dishes. If you prefer, you can also prepare these walnuts in a pan. Toss the walnuts in a non-stick frying pan and, in a couple of minutes, you have an excellent vegan snack.

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