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Hollandaise recipe

The Secrets of Sauces: Hollandaise and its Sisters

Hollandaise is an emulsion of eggs, butter and the sharp hit of lemon juice. One of the French mother sauces, it’s culinary royalty. But did you know, with just a few additions you can create a whole family of sister sauces? We’ll meet them later.

15 December, 2021
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For Hollandaise
White peppercorns
White wine vinegar
100 ml
White wine
200 ml
1 sprig
Egg yolks
Melted Butter
500 ml
Fine salt
Lemon juice
For siphon
100 ml
For Béarnaise:
2, finely diced
handful, chopped
handful, chopped
For Paloise:
handful chopped leaves
For choron:
Tomato paste
50 g
For mousseline:
Whipped cream
100 ml, lightly whipped, folded in

To Prepare

Step 01


Place the peppercorns, vinegar, white wine and tarragon in a pot and reduce by ¾.

Step 02

secrets of sauces

Strain this liquid into a bowl over a pot of simmering water, add the egg yolks and begin to whisk in a figure of 8.

Step 03

secrets of sauces

Once the egg yolk mix has doubled in size and turned pale in colour, remove the bowl from the heat and whisk in the melted butter until a thick sauce is formed, one that coats the back of a spoon and hangs. Adjust the seasoning with salt and lemon juice before serving.

The Sisters

The first sister sauce is béarnaise, which requires the addition of tarragon, chives and shallots - perfect with roasted meats.

Bearnese Sauce

Paloise sauce requires the addition of finely chopped mint; and choron sauce calls for the addition of tomato paste, which makes it a perfect addition for shellfish.

paloise and choron sauce

Another delicious derivative is mousseline sauce, where the addition of lightly whipped cream creates the perfect sauce for either steamed fish or poultry.

Mousseline Sauce

The last one is slightly more advanced. It's basically a fancy version of hollandaise. Take the original hollandaise and add 100 ml of low-fat milk. Adjust the seasoning with some lemon juice and salt. Then pour it straight into a siphon gun.


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Chef Mark Moriarty.

Mark Moriarty

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