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King Crab 2007 - Special Edition

King Crab 2007 - Special Edition

Exploring the Langosteria menu, here is the recipe for King Crab 2007 - Special Edition, a signature recipe found at all of the restaurant chain's locations in Milan, Portofino and Paris. Find out how this iconic dish is prepared.

12 September, 2022
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serves for



King crab
50 g, pulp
Camona tomatoes
1 core
Sun dried tomatoes
30 g, puree
Extra virgin olive oil
Red Sauce
Red fruits
30 g
Extra virgin olive oil
30 ml
Lemon juice
30 g
a pinch

Enrico Buonocore is the entrepreneur at the head of Langosteria, which he first launched in Milan in 2007. He has carried out several bold moves over the years, never losing sight of his objectives or changing the character of Langosteria.

We interviewed Buonocore to find out more about the evolution of the Langosteria located in Baia di Paraggi, in Portofino, which seemed like a bet in itself. "After the Ligurian opening, we wanted to expand the Langosteria experience by acquiring the historic Bagni Fiore in 2021. We immediately thought of the Hotel Splendido Belmond for the management of the baths with which to create together a luxury experience for our consumer. This year, we have another important partner, Dior, who opened a boutique adjacent to our restaurant and branded the terraces of the Bagni Fiore. It did so with the absolute elegance that distinguishes the French fashion brand. Guests to date therefore can live the unique and sophisticated experience in the Bay of Paraggi. We have created a hub of excellence, which will grow and bring increasing value."

The King Crab 2007 Special Edition appears on all of the Langosteria menus and is one of the most popular dishes with customers.

Discover the recipe below, and then test yourself with spaghetti with raw prawns and lime and side of tuna.

Step 01

Red sauce

Mix the red fruits with the oil and lemon, and season with salt.

Step 02

Julienne the red onion and place under fresh water for 30 minutes, then drain. Using a pair of scissors, cut the claws from the king crab and peel them off, making sure that that there are no filaments and/or residues. Peel the celery and slice it into sticks.

Step 03

Wash the tomatoes and slice them into 4-6 quarters, removing the white part, season them with the sun-dried tomato puree with a little water and oil and emulsify them with the 'red sauce'. 

Step 04

Combine the tomatoes, celery, onion and a little red sauce in a bowl, mixing well with your hands.

Step 05

Immerse the king crab in unsalted boiling water for 30 seconds. Drain the king crab and add it to the other ingredients, mixing everything again, if necessary add a little more red sauce.

Arrange on a serving platter using the thickest part of the claws as decoration.



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