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a bartender presenting an orange coloured cocktail in a tall glass

Screwdriver Drink

Vodka and orange juice: two simple ingredients are enough to create a classic but delicious cocktail. Discover the recipe for the screwdriver drink.


30 November, 2022
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1 1/2 OZ (45 mL) Vodka
Orange juice
Freshly squeezed

Orange wedge

Medium tumbler

Jigger – scoop – bar spoon – fruit tweezers

Step 01

a selection of ingredients required to make a srewdriver, and adding ice cubes to a glass

Fill the glass with ice.

Step 02

a bartender measuring and pouring vodka into an ice filled glass

Measure 1 1/2 OZ (45 ml) of vodka with the jigger and pour directly into the glass.

Step 03

a bartender topping up a glass with orange juice

Fill the glass with freshly squeezed orange.

Step 04

a bartender mixing a cocktail with a bar spoon

Emulsify the ingredients with a bar spoon, gently rolling it around the sides of the glass.

Step 05

a bartender adding a wedge of orange with tweezers to a cocktail

Garnish with an orange wedge, and the cocktail is ready to be served.


The screwdriver is a rather simple cocktail, but its history is as always full of uncertainties. On the one hand, the story is told of American marines who allegedly put the two ingredients together during the Second World War; on the other hand, the screwdriver is mentioned in a 1949 edition of Time magazine, demonstrating that by the end of the 1940s it was already a rather well-known cocktail.


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