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sablefish mushroom dashi recipe

Sablefish, Matsutake & Dashi by Aisha Ibrahim

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Aisha Ibrahim is the executive chef at Canlis restaurant in Seattle. Here she presents a really delicious dish with both subtle and strong flavours layered for complexity and dynamism. Follow the recipe's easy steps for a very impressive and accomplished main course that showcases the best of shiitake, matsutake, dashi and sablefish textures and flavours.

01 February, 2022
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serves for



1 ea. (1-3#)
Shio koji
Filtered water
1 kg
Field mushrooms
1g Shitake
Rishiri kombu
15g (Hokkaido)
Bonito flake
To taste
Kosher salt
To taste
Matsutake (poached)
100g cleaned, portioned into roughly 1-inch pieces
200g seasoned
Small vacuum bag

To Prepare

Learn how to make Aisha Ibrahim's sablefish with matsutake and dashi with the video and step-by-step recipe below.

Step 01


Begin with cold or tepid water, and add shiitake and kombu. Bring to medium-high heat (65C) for 45 minutes to bloom.

Step 02

step 2

Bring up to almost a simmer for 15 min and add bonito for a total of 15 seconds before removing. 


Step 03

step 3

Strain gently from the top by lifting out contents with a strainer, and pass through a coffee filter.

Step 04

Step 4

Clean matsutake by removing the outside of the matsutake stem and cap. Slice the matsutake into pieces.

Step 05

Poach matsutake in the dashi.

Poach matsutake in the dashi. Cook until soft. Drain the matsutake pieces, reserve the dashi, and line the mushroom on a tray with a paper towel.

Step 06


For the sablefish

To prepare for cooking, remove the fish loin from the refrigerator and allow it to reach nearly room temperature.


Step 07

step 7

To finish cooking, begin by heating a sauté pan over medium-high heat before adding grapeseed oil. Place the fish skin-side down in the pan and firmly keep the skin as flat as possible using an off-set spatula to make even contact. 


Step 08

step 8

Allow to cook skin-side down until about 75% cooked through, and flip over to gently mark the other side. Quickly remove from the pan and finish by sprinkling salt on the skin.


Step 09

step 9

Cut the raw mushroom into thin slivers, using a sharp chef's knife.

Step 10

step 10

To plate the dish, heat up the dashi until it reaches a low simmer. Place fish into a bowl and arrange the poached and shaved matsutake mushroom accordingly. 

Finish with hot broth to enjoy. 




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