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Ranch Water Cocktail

Ranch Water Cocktail

Known as ranch water, this drink is one of the most popular cocktails in Texas. Here are the ingredients and all the steps to make the tequila-based drink.

30 June, 2021
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serves for



2 OZ (60 ml) White
Lime juice
1 OZ (30 ml)
Sparkling water
To taste - Topo Chico

To Prepare


Highball / High Tumbler


Manual juicer


Fruit knife

Fruit tweezers

Bar Spoon



Step 01

ranch water coctail

Photo  Ivan della Nave

Before starting, cool the glass you have chosen by filling it with ice. To speed up the process, the ice is rotated inside the glass with the help of a bar spoon.

Step 02

ranch water cocktail

Photo  Ivan della Nave

Squeeze 1 OZ (30 ml) of lime with the manual pressure juicer directly into the jigger (to check the exact amount of juice) and pour it into the glass.

Step 03

Ranch water cocktail

Photo Ivan della Nave

Measure with the jigger and pour 2 OZ (60 ml) of white tequila into the glass.

Bartender's tip: In the absence of Topo Chico you can use S.Pellegrino.

Step 04

Ranch Water Cocktail

Photo Ivan della Nave

Gently emulsify the ingredients with a bar spoon.

Step 05

Ranch Water Cocktail

Photo Ivan della Nave

Cut a lime wedge and use it to garnish the rim of the glass and it is ready to be served.

History of the Ranch Water Cocktail

As with many cocktails, the origins of the ranch water cocktail are not easy to trace and yet it is a traditional Texan cocktail. According to some, it was invented by a Fort Davis breeder who, after drinking it, walked to Marathon and then fell asleep under a tree. There is no shortage of alternative legends, such as the one that claims the cocktail was created at a party as an alternative recipe, halfway between a Tom Collins and a margarita.

Curiosities and tips

One of the ingredients that characterises the ranch water cocktail is the seltzer Topo Chico. Fans of the drink believe it can't be done without this super sparkling water that comes from an inactive volcano in northern Mexico. Legend has it that this water, thanks to the minerals and other nutrients it contains, would have healed an Aztec princess from a disease that no one could cure. So if you want to replace the Topo Chico with another water like S.Pellegrino, feel free.

For the choice of tequila to use, the better the tequila, the better the result. Ranch water isn't that sophisticated a cocktail, so you can choose a mid-range tequila, such as a tequila blanco ('new' or un-aged tequila) or tequila reposado (aged). Aged tequila has more nuance of flavour and makes the drink more interesting. Find out how to use tequila in other recipes.


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