Citrus Fruit and Berry Punch

Citrus Fruit and Berry Punch

Try this berry punch recipe with citrus fruits, refreshing and perfect drink for a summer party: here is the recipe to prepare at home this non alcoholic punch.

22 August, 2014
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Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

12 HR 20 MIN


2 organic, sliced
2 organic, sliced
Black tea
1/2 l, cold
passion fruit juice
1/2 l
Orange juice
1/2 l
120 g
250 g, halved
tonic water
1/4 l
bitter lemon
1/4 l


Place the orange and lime slices in a bowl and add the tea, passion fruit juice and the orange juice.

Leave in the fridge overnight to steep.

Just before serving add the raspberries and the strawberries and top up with tonic water and bitter lemon.

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