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Overripe peaches and FrozeRipe Peach Smoothie by Dominique Crenn

Zero Waste: Frozen Ripe Peach Smoothie by Dominique Crenn

Why Waste? is back. The Fine Dining Lovers series that shows you how to turn your kitchen food waste into delicious dishes, with recipes and tips by some of the world's best chefs, makes a welcome and timely return.

Fruit is one of the most wasted ingredients on the planet, and the average American throws out $520 worth of fruit every single year. So this episode of Why Waste? shows us what we can do with that overripe fruit to stop it ending up in the garbage, and to save both the planet and our wallets.

"No one should ever waste overripe fruit," says Dominique Crenn. "Leftover fruit is the opportunity to do something else amazing with it."

With that in mind, the US's only three-Michelin-starred female chef, from Atelier Crenn and Petit Crenn in San Francisco, shares her recipe for a fun frozen smoothie - but a smoothie with a difference, as this one harnesses the flavour of overripe peaches harvested from her farm. See the delicious recipe below.

29 September, 2022
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